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If you're looking for the answers to life's questions and Wikipedia was under scheduled maintenance, look no further, Casually Explained is here to help.


9:29Casually Explained: Dangerous Australian Wildlife Tier List
5:02Casually Explained: People Who Are Into the Stock Market
Casually Explained: People Who Are Into the Stock MarketVaatamised 2,3 mln3 місяці tagasi
4:47Casually Explained: Working From Home
Casually Explained: Working From HomeVaatamised 2,3 mln5 місяців tagasi
4:56Casually Explained: Stand-up Comedy
Casually Explained: Stand-up ComedyVaatamised 1,7 mln9 місяців tagasi
6:45Casually Explained: The Carbon Scale
Casually Explained: The Carbon ScaleVaatamised 2,3 mln9 місяців tagasi
7:08Casually Explained: Reddit
Casually Explained: RedditVaatamised 5 mln10 місяців tagasi
7:43Casually Explained: What Do Artists Do Every Day?
Casually Explained: What Do Artists Do Every Day?Vaatamised 1,6 mln11 місяців tagasi
6:57Casually Explained: Cycling
Casually Explained: CyclingVaatamised 4,6 mlnAasta tagasi
5:18Casually Explained: The English Language
Casually Explained: The English LanguageVaatamised 6 mlnAasta tagasi
7:41Casually Explained: Being Healthy
Casually Explained: Being HealthyVaatamised 5 mlnAasta tagasi
5:44Casually Explained: Elon Musk
Casually Explained: Elon MuskVaatamised 3,8 mlnAasta tagasi
5:20Casually Explained: Tipping
Casually Explained: TippingVaatamised 4,1 mlnAasta tagasi
6:09Casually Explained: The Fear of Missing Out
Casually Explained: The Fear of Missing OutVaatamised 3,9 mlnAasta tagasi
5:36Casually Explained: Video Game Genres
Casually Explained: Video Game GenresVaatamised 3,6 mlnAasta tagasi
4:47Casually Explained: To Make a Long Story Short...
6:56Casually Explained: Travel
Casually Explained: TravelVaatamised 4,3 mlnAasta tagasi
5:29Casually Explained: The Creative Process
Casually Explained: The Creative ProcessVaatamised 1,4 mln2 aastat tagasi
6:18Casually Explained: Human Beings
Casually Explained: Human BeingsVaatamised 3 mln2 aastat tagasi
11:29Getting a Laugh: How to Make Something Funny
Getting a Laugh: How to Make Something FunnyVaatamised 3 mln2 aastat tagasi
7:31Casually Explained: Memes
Casually Explained: MemesVaatamised 4,4 mln2 aastat tagasi
4:01Casually Explained: Making New Friends
Casually Explained: Making New FriendsVaatamised 2,4 mln2 aastat tagasi
3:24Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market
Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock MarketVaatamised 2,2 mln2 aastat tagasi
4:25Casually Explained: Moving Out
Casually Explained: Moving OutVaatamised 4,6 mln2 aastat tagasi
7:28Casually Explained: YouTube
Casually Explained: YouTubeVaatamised 3,3 mln2 aastat tagasi
5:01Casually Explained: First Dates
Casually Explained: First DatesVaatamised 4,7 mln2 aastat tagasi
6:28Casually Explained: Men's Fashion
Casually Explained: Men's FashionVaatamised 7 mln2 aastat tagasi
3:11Casually Explained: Critical Thinking
Casually Explained: Critical ThinkingVaatamised 3 mln2 aastat tagasi
4:19Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts
Casually Explained: Introverts and ExtravertsVaatamised 4,9 mln2 aastat tagasi
4:38Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth
Casually Explained: Levels of WealthVaatamised 9 mln3 aastat tagasi
5:10Casually Explained: Evolution IV - Hello Universe
Casually Explained: Evolution IV - Hello UniverseVaatamised 1,9 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:20Casually Explained: The Solar System
Casually Explained: The Solar SystemVaatamised 3 mln3 aastat tagasi
4:43Casually Explained: Video Games
Casually Explained: Video GamesVaatamised 6 mln3 aastat tagasi
4:05Casually Explained: Finding The One
Casually Explained: Finding The OneVaatamised 4 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:46Casually Explained: Group Projects
Casually Explained: Group ProjectsVaatamised 3,5 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:39Casually Explained: Sports
Casually Explained: SportsVaatamised 4,3 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:12Casually Explained: One Night Stands
Casually Explained: One Night StandsVaatamised 6 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:02Casually Explained: Alcohol
Casually Explained: AlcoholVaatamised 5 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:18Casually Explained: Flirting
Casually Explained: FlirtingVaatamised 4,6 mln3 aastat tagasi
5:00Casually Explained: Red Flags
Casually Explained: Red FlagsVaatamised 8 mln3 aastat tagasi
3:02Casually Explained: The Future
Casually Explained: The FutureVaatamised 3 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:45Casually Explained: Behind the Scenes
Casually Explained: Behind the ScenesVaatamised 2,6 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:44Casually Explained: Breaking The Ice
Casually Explained: Breaking The IceVaatamised 6 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:06Casually Explained: Casually Explained
Casually Explained: Casually ExplainedVaatamised 2,5 mln4 aastat tagasi
1:13Casually Explained: Ordering Coffee (Short #2)
Casually Explained: Ordering Coffee (Short #2)Vaatamised 1,6 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:49Casually Explained: The Club
Casually Explained: The ClubVaatamised 5 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:00Casually Explained: Body Language
Casually Explained: Body LanguageVaatamised 5 mln4 aastat tagasi
1:53Casually Explained: Brunch (Short #1)
Casually Explained: Brunch (Short #1)Vaatamised 1,6 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:35Casually Explained: The Spectrum of Intelligence
Casually Explained: The Spectrum of IntelligenceVaatamised 4,9 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:30Casually Explained: The Bar
Casually Explained: The BarVaatamised 3,4 mln4 aastat tagasi
4:01Casually Explained: Guide to College and University
2:35Casually Explained: The Friend Zone
Casually Explained: The Friend ZoneVaatamised 7 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:26Casually Explained: Back In My Day
Casually Explained: Back In My DayVaatamised 3,4 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:37Casually Explained: Evolution II - The Tier List
Casually Explained: Evolution II - The Tier ListVaatamised 3,1 mln4 aastat tagasi
1:59Casually Explained: Finding a Job
Casually Explained: Finding a JobVaatamised 3,4 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:08Casually Explained: Procrastination
Casually Explained: ProcrastinationVaatamised 3,4 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:31Casually Explained: Is She Into You?
Casually Explained: Is She Into You?Vaatamised 15 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:39Casually Explained: French
Casually Explained: FrenchVaatamised 6 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:20Casually Explained: Donald Trump
Casually Explained: Donald TrumpVaatamised 3,4 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:11Casually Explained: Social Media
Casually Explained: Social MediaVaatamised 3,6 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:28Casually Explained: Computers
Casually Explained: ComputersVaatamised 3,2 mln4 aastat tagasi
4:20Casually Explained: Magnets
Casually Explained: MagnetsVaatamised 2 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:18Casually Explained: 10 Pieces of Life Advice
Casually Explained: 10 Pieces of Life AdviceVaatamised 2,9 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:57Casually Explained: Lifting
Casually Explained: LiftingVaatamised 6 mln4 aastat tagasi
3:19Casually Explained: Dating (feat. You Suck At Cooking)
3:21Casually Explained: The Ageing Process
Casually Explained: The Ageing ProcessVaatamised 2,4 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:45Casually Explained: Evolution
Casually Explained: EvolutionVaatamised 3,2 mln4 aastat tagasi
2:12Casually Explained: Absolute Hot
Casually Explained: Absolute HotVaatamised 5 mln4 aastat tagasi
0:25Last Minute Study Tip for Final Exams
Last Minute Study Tip for Final ExamsVaatamised 2,5 mln5 aastat tagasi
0:18Calculus in 20 Seconds
Calculus in 20 SecondsVaatamised 4,3 mln5 aastat tagasi


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  • I don't really think that Friend Zone really exist. It's just the guy/girl who taught that the girl/boy liked him/her and in fact... She/him just wasn't interested in the beginning... So It's not something you fall on... Its just that you taught the wrong think from the beginning. And it's okay and normal, if the girl/guy don't want to be with you would you really like if she/he was ? I mean... If she doesn't feel attached/attracted to you, you are really better with someone else or even alone. And if you would like that she/he stayed with you even if she/he isn't happy it's an ever bigger prof that you are better alone and you need to find happiness in other than a relationship.

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