Casually Explained: Working From Home

Avaldati 4 juuni 2020
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  • why do you actually sound enthusiastic this time

  • Just so you know, most customer service reps are working from home, so if u call your wireless provider with the intent on verbally abusing them, and you mysteriously get disconnected, I assure you that rep flipped u off and unplugged their ethernet and reported it as an internet outage and suffered no consequences for hanging up on you. So if you dont wanna spend the entire day on hold with whoever's tou are trying to call, dont be a piece of shit.

  • Dont subscribe to a VPN!

  • Something must be wrong with your build order because I normally die to their mmm drop in my main way before my dark shrine finishes.

  • What's Twitch?

  • The twitch joke, iconic

  • lol, "post-lockdown." Good joke!

  • what is twitch?

  • thing is I haven't changed actually I might have become a bit more of an asshole

  • 3:22 Jan: Australia Feb: Wuhan March: Italy April: New York May: Minneapolis June: Every other city in america July: Portland August: Kenosha September: West coast USA October: Nigeria November: America Pt. 2 December: The world

  • I wish ‘working’ at home would be the norm forever ;(

  • “We can’t have a second wave if the first one never ends” *exhales for 15 seconds. Yep

  • Hahahahahha can’t have a second wave if first doesn’t end, lol 😆 I’m dead hahahahah

  • Heart my comment Casually Explained. you won't.

  • Can't have a second wave if the first never ends....

  • Corona extra

  • she streams on youtube you dirty minded animals

  • You can't have a second wave if the first one never ends 👌

  • Winnie Pooh as a spy is gold

  • Investing in the S&P 500 when the stimulus checks were released would have actually been a very smart thing to do. That was around the lowest point in the market and it's risen significantly since then. I put about half of my check in and nearly doubled my money.

  • 1:54 POOOG

  • 3:12 America

  • I lost 15 pounds then gained 20 pounds from eating carbs.

  • Are you actually friends with Andrew Rea

  • Haha waking up at 4 and watching yt go brrr

  • i fr thought he meant iglive or like facebook live until i scrolled the sacred comment section

  • did his voice change?

  • I would already fail at 0:59 That's something I don't understand, if I need to go to work 6am is fine but if I have the day off I just don't get up. Luckily I can't work from home as CNC machinist.

  • Lol now this picture is California

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  • UK Netflix is sup par but it has the odd bit of gold

  • 0:15 you perfectly called the inverse on every one of those stock strats

  • What Logitec mouse is that?

  • you haven't watched Rick and Morty

  • jessica got an onlyfans lol

  • Damn bought my ab roller 4-5 months ago have used it 12 times. Might actually do it more now.

  • Drinking Corona Extra lmao

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cool diy projects for lockdown:

  • Can we add California in September to the list for that picture

  • Now that fire is just California

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  • Took me a while to get the streaming joke😂😂

  • This is one of the only few informative and non-sensational VPN ad spots.

  • “You can’t have a second wave if the first one never ends”😂

  • and she's like what's twitch - only legends understand.

  • whats twitch? lmao

  • You always know whose never read the bible when the say Revelations

  • Everyone during lockdown: OMG everything’s different, it’s so hard not going out in public and it’s hard not seeing freinds, now I have to do online school, and I lost so much weight. Me: nothing changed for me, I barely went in public anyways since I live in the middle of nowhere, I only have one friend I didn’t meet online and we dont even meet up irl anyways, I was already in online school before lockdown, and I lost basically zero pounds.

  • Gotta love how you made one of the “coworkers” is Binging with Babish

  • you know i just realized how little i go out when the only difference in my schedule was not having to get on the bus and go to school since I do it at home.

  • "You can't have a second wave if the first one never ends"

  • Knowing Reddit, I am going to assume they stole all of your jokes.

  • You missed me, the kind of person who's spent his entire 2020 drunk

  • It’s funny he mentions not watching EEclone while I procrastinate my psychology homework by watching this video

  • if you haven't watched rick and morty yet, go do it now bro i swear you wont regret it (bro dont pussy out after 2 episodes)

  • Hs thought the anti lockdown protestors were stupid and then millions joined BLM protests

  • I get the 4k joke... it's hilariously adult XD

  • You are Awesome. Fan from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • "The only thing holding their relationship together, was their time spent apart" LMAO JESUS.

    • true though. i.e. south korea is having divorce rating records right now

  • God dammit Jessica

  • Now we have half the west coast on fire, just another month in 2020.

  • Lol, I’m the S&P 500 guy!

  • I have spent all month getting drunk, lockpicking and working at home. 2020 plz wipe me out of existence. Thanks for uploading this.

  • I didnt fuckin notice what it meant when she said "whats twitch" then i got it when he said hol up and i just sorts stopped for a mk

  • I'm drinking my morning coffee out of the likeness of your head...

  • I love working from home. Taking customer calls in between world of warcraft dungeons.

  • on that fire list you can add california

  • Drinking corona lol

  • 1:06, reference to You suck at Cooking 🤔🤣

  • The only thing I learn from this video is that I have to watch Archer

  • 1:54 Emp would be proud

  • LOL this is so on point. I was refreshing that website every 10 minutes. But I’ve graduated to the New York Times now (I live in Florida).

  • u might not notice this cos u probly just look at urself

  • "and absolutely no youtube" Me who's watching this in class: ...

  • Love the part where you said "its 9am you wake up, you're at work."

  • 1:54 _EmpLemon want to know your location_

  • i have a feeling this video is sponsored by ExpressVPN

  • whats twitch?

  • Checking coronavirus stats every 15 minutes. Strict morning schedule, wake up at 9am, im at work. Check and check!

  • "Whats twitch?" *INSERT COWORKERS NAME followed by ONLYFANS*

  • 3:10 I laughed so hard, I subbed

  • You will never guess who the sponsor to this video is *me is blind and has others type for me* Your probably Right

  • I like the PvT build, wished my opponents would follow that (y)

  • "What's twitch?" - Hol up . This totally got me 😂 I missed Casually explained

  • Spread dem cheeks in 4K

  • casually explained is a mixx between VSauce and GradeAUnderA

  • Whats your twitch? What is twitch SHE STREAMS ON EEclone D:

  • “Can’t have a second wave if the first one never ends”

  • Integrating these commercials into youtube videos is incredibly fucking idiotic and annoying!! Imagine that many of these videos will be around for decades, when the company they advertise probably won't even exist anymore....

  • do u realize the banner says new vedio evry two weeks

  • Yeah man , Rick and Morty's cool.

  • “You can’t have a second wave if the first wave never ends” lol 😂


  • Half of this vid is talking about the sponsor which nobody cares about. The other half is some millennial saying 'like' every third word. Next...

  • holy shit British Netflix is was better than what we get here in the states x'D south park, rick, and Morty. archer, Brooklyn nine-nine! fuck my data that shit's good television ^

  • I sold my NES to buy Parrapa 2 I think I'll be ok

  • 3:27 June: Seattle? July: Chicago? August: Kenosha?

  • I’m amazed how his simple art style of stickman and talks got him millions of views

    • It's the South Park Model. If the animation is really plain and uninteresting, your writing has to be phenomenal to make up for it.

    • was thinking the same, there's definitely something to learn from this model

  • Wow. You can't have a second wave, if the first one never ends. Awesome.