Casually Explained: Working From Home

Avaldati 4 juuni 2020
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  • 0:06 Soooo… what drink ya got there?

  • John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven.

  • It was the routine for me 🤣

  • 11 months later still going

  • Me, working from home, watching this vid as a distraction

  • Jessica is probably live streaming on youtube.

  • What is with your voice? Why do you sound like a different guy?

    • Wdym? It’s exactly the same

  • 3:42 I thought this was a picture of a gender reveal party lol

  • Casually explained: *my life has halted and I can’t do very much.* Me: *obnoxiously laughs in Florida Man*

  • I thought the picture would be from the capitol, but yeah . . . then I looked at the upload date. Or can he see in the future?

  • ¨

  • Just got this recommended, looked at the upload date. Exactly 11 months ago and Rona still going strong

  • "hol up" that picture should be a meme

  • watching the optimism of it ending soon it truly hilarious 11 months later... haha...

  • 1:43 that silence is so loud

  • I... I thought the picture was from Oregon :C

  • My god the 360p video, there is always one person that does it.


  • As per usually everything you say is too true

  • You remind me of a certain Sam O'neala

  • “opening up” that’s funny

  • *10 months ago* fuck the pandemic...

  • I hope the twitch joke.. was, a joke

  • God of dark humor and deadpan deliveries

  • Love the PvT build order.

  • dat bich stream on fb gaming on god

  • How is every one of your videos so relatable lmao. I used to think humans were all completely unique but I'm starting to think we're all very similar in a lot of ways

  • You can actually hear the fat growing on his larynx.

  • I'm watching this... almost a year later, still working from home... And the first 2 minutes of the video are exactly my life... I don't open windows, I wake up two minutes before work, I keep looking at Worldometer, I started baking sourdough bread, my coworkers have brewed their beards and cut their own hair (I cut both myself though), the one girl in my team started to only have buns as haircut... And I subscribed to Babbish's YT channel since then...

  • You should also watch Archer

  • i WISH i worked from home and from 9...

  • Any chance you'll revisit this almost a year later? Or is it too painful at this point?

  • 3:10 Brazil in a nutshell

  • fucking beautiful video

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The video is almost a year old, nothing changed....

  • Lol the streaming joke got me

  • 2:43 -You into him? +Can’t really tell im dying

  • this changed my life

  • "Absolutely no EEclone videos" nope. I just work with EEclone in the background.

  • wathcing this in 2021 be like :(

  • How many mortgages did you took to buy that 4k webcam? I saw some at $9999,99, but they were out-of-stock ...

  • Post lockdown ha ha ha 😂 you mean during 🤣

  • he really did his research with sourdough bread

  • As an antisocial introvert, the quarantine has been a breath of relief!! Anyway, I have become the 3rd type hardcore 😂😂I dropped out of college to become an independent investor!

  • i got diagnosed with scoliosis and it forced me to out. I even went to physical therapy sessions but now im buff. so yes the fear of dying outshines my will to live

  • Stimulus? *cries in 3rd world country *

  • This is being recommended to me when this virus is spreading again wt-

  • Yikes this was almost a year ago

  • she: what is twitch?!

  • oops I did it wrong ive been traveling the world!

  • How am I more tired now than I was when I had to wake up at 6am to go do 8 hours straight of socializing and painfully boring work.

  • hey is your phone one plus, you got the red cable charging your phone! HAHA

  • the first sponsor segment i actually found interesting

  • anyone got a link to Jamie's channel

  • 1:18 LOL

  • “You can’t have a second wave of the first one never ends” are you sure about that

  • "wake up at 9am" , imma gonna stop you right there, I have a job sir.

  • This is some funny ducking shit

  • The answer is the S & P 500

  • "You may not notice it because you're only looking at yourself" OH MY FUCKING GOD

  • my man stop pretending you were already working from home before covid hit

  • I have that Morty build from the Mad Max episode. One super strong arm ;)

  • The segway to Cooking with Babish is more than epic!

  • hahahaha it was option contracts on gme thank you very much

  • ayyy hit like if you watching this in 2022

  • 1:35 hahahahahahah

  • and here i am watching the video again 9 months later


    • Oh my goodness where do you work

  • I wonder if you´re holding GME

  • Ab roller? by that do you mean trenbolone?

  • Thx to casually explained I got ExpressVPN.

  • feels like a 6years old trying to tell a joke... exhausting to listen and not funny

  • "what's twitch" I'M DYING

  • 2:19 when I look back never have I fucking realized that this was more true than my very existence. (Which isn’t saying much). But I’m not married, I haven’t even dated. But I can attest to the fact that I’ve sent this very thing unfold right before my eyes over the past year. Life is a bitch.

  • "what's twitch" *Hol the fuck up*

  • That option trader on the stock market joke hit close to home. Let's go GME!

  • "what's twitch"

  • The streamer part killed me.

  • There is no "post-lockdown"....

  • Go out and fight for your centuries old hard earned rights! This is all massive BS... history will judge many as lame brainless cowards!

  • The effects of lockdowns will be 100x worse than anything covid could do

  • Sexist

  • “you can’t have a second wave if the first one never stops” Meanwhile Corona: "Well, third time's the charm I guess..."

  • 04:00 Don't pay for Zoom. Pay for ExpressVPN. - Stonks :D

  • I knew that streaming joke already, but it was still as awesome as the first time I heard it.

  • For some reason I thought he was sponsored by corona beer

  • "You can't have a second wave, if the first one never ends" Well, that didn't age well.

  • G44yg

  • My gosh... How did he know I was wanting a bread maker...

  • Imagine actually having a *post*-lockdown

  • For me, the pandemic hasn't changed much. I'm very used to just stay at home, mostly in front of a screen. o:

  • That Starcraft build order at was great and the "something something dark shrine" star wars reference in there too.

  • His list at 0:16 was sketchy

  • Wow, all the starcraft fans out there got to appreciate the Casually Explained PvT build order @ 2:06

  • Yeah yeah that photo was Minnesota, I should know.

  • The binging with babish part was epic lol

  • I love ur voice ❤️. (Whispering - Don't tell my bf. 😆)

  • U sly bastard, u know ur audience really well huh? “What’s twitch?” Only degenerates would get that joke...

  • 0:28 - _"It's very important you set up an organized workspace so you can actually be productive. Which means you have to eliminate any potential distractions."_ Then there is me, who told their boss that some people are trying to get some actual work done and that's why I ignored his 5th phone call within the last hour. He didn't like it...