Casually Explained: Video Games

Avaldati 29 juuli 2017
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Me: "Hey, my parents aren't home, let's smash"
Girl: "ok, be right over ;)" ...
[girl enters]
Me: "where is ur gamecube controller"
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  • More video game content please

  • I see he doesn’t changed a thing even 3 years later. I’m cool with that.


  • this is not about video games

  • why is nobody talking about how he was literally a top 10 starcraft player for a second

  • it is a known fact that kim jong un is a professional starcraft player, regularly in the top 10

  • “That’s how I discovered....” YOOOOOOO WTF THAT WAS SO UNEXPECTED LMFAO

  • 3:22 Qui Gon Jin: There is always a bigger fish.

  • The original long play videos were going over to that kid you knew from school but weren't friends with because you wanted to watch some spyro.

  • Young casually explained is the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen like what the actual fuck is this hes a stick figure

  • I don't mean to skip over that top-shelf porn joke, but...did you really get that good at Starcraft?! Top 10 is some intense shit! Even for a moment.

  • "no matter how good you are, there are always a million koreans better than you." cries in getting one-tapped by korean viper with vandal every round in valorant.

  • You couldn’t read at 8?

  • N64 @ 4 years old... either I'm old or you're poor. Haha

  • I would like a Casually Explained, "take that bitch!" Coffee mug. Thanks James

  • Runescape and WoW. Good times.

  • :D

  • Video games? more like procrastinate on your Social Studies assignment.

  • MS Paint competition 😂


  • Fps. Pov. Whats the difference if we really think of it. Really.

  • 6 hours a day, for over a year... damn man, that's some fucked up level of perseverance.

  • 3:22 facts

  • Is tehe MS Paint Competition still going?

  • You should try Destiny 2 it really good

  • He jokes about the RPG thing BUT ITS TRUE!!

  • "Inviting someone over to watch me play video games" Huh. It seems... too relatable...

  • No matter how good you are there are a million.... 😂😂😂😂

  • Dude said "after putting in *a few thousand hours*"

  • "i like runescape because you don't need friends to play" Me: *cries in chinese fisherman trading*

  • ah, a jared of culture.

  • Back when Skype was the go-to for audio chatting...

  • "Sex can wait" Amen

  • O fuck if you ever played Dota 2 you would lose your entire life

  • Watching this while doing barrows

  • Lana del Rey??

  • 3:21 As a Korean... I'm definitely with you.

  • "If 5up and Corpse had a baby, it would by Casually Explained"-Corpse 2020

  • My first video game was a halo game i don't remember which

  • Love the honesty

  • "I could be something i would never have been... an italian man", me, an italian teenager: "Relatable..."

  • 2:10 Is that an AnIMAtiON?

  • The POV....I mean FPS......

  • A collab between Casually Explained and the Odd1sOut would be a dream.

  • 3:34 “gamer controller” LoL

  • In a nutshell

  • Nothing makes me feel more old than hearing someone got their Nintendo 64 when they were 4..

  • RUNESCAPE BABAYYYYYYY unironically people that played runescape can spot each other anywhere

  • “dropped out of software engineering” oof that one hurt

  • If you were top ten, you surely could’ve played some lower level tournaments and made bank.

  • you are funny when ı watch your videos and laughing jokes ı understand better how much boring ı am

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  • You're still killing it at StarCraft

  • Bruh wanted to showthis to my dad so he would understand but the take that bitch and the mention of p**n just no. He hates that shit so much.

  • Ok i don’t like watching friends play them that much. But leik I like playing them with friends. It fun to watch them if we can actually have a convo though

  • You could have made it in sc2 if you just improved you Pylon Efficiency Necessary Infrastructure Safety rating.

  • Yea I never post a good vid

  • At 2:09 the "take that bitch" is probably the most sophisticated animation of the whole channel 😹

  • Alternative title "casual explained: my life"

  • people who dont know what video games are, is a N00B

  • "New Videos Every two Weeks"

  • I always find it hilarious when people use their real name in an RPG, it’s like “I, Commander Of Dragons, shall strike you down...James?”

  • When i was 13 or 14 like most of the other kids on my age...

  • Get back into sc2

  • Casually Explained: There are a million Koreans better than you. Ymfah: Yep

  • Did your Dad grow up in a closet? We had the 2600... (well, real nerds like myself even had a home computer in the mid 80's)

    • Jokes aside... top 10 is crazy impressive...

  • I blew my parents' minds with the Witcher 3. They hadn't seen a new video game since the Wii era and I was just showing them all the cool stuff like how alive Novigrad feels, how everyone's doing their own job and such, and the beautiful sights in Skellige.

  • You really preferred Starcraft over WoW?!

  • Live Laugh Please Subscribe hahhahahhahah

  • I love the POV games

  • What the frick

  • “No matter how good you are, there will always be a million Koreans better than you” America learned that in the Korean War

  • I started laughing so hard when he said "That's how I discovered porn"

  • 3.7k koreans malding

  • How much for each yew log?

  • Casually explain be like :)

  • Tbh video games prevent violence not cause it

  • I wonder if anyone watching this video don't knew what a videogane was

  • What I love about nintendo is how made me feel like I was someone I could never be... an Italian man

  • I started on The Sims and ended on top fragging in first person shooters

  • As a korean, I thank you for your love of SC ❤️

  • Jokes on him. I couldn’t read

  • At 1:21 pause the video and gently shake your phone

  • 6 hours? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Thats the rookiest numbers ever

  • you can try gun which is forbid in some country

  • Asians in general man can’t win from them

  • damn youtube! fix your ads! i had 2 15 second unskippable ads

  • tru

  • "No matter how good you are, there are always be a million koreans better than you." Bruhh

  • For me video games are a way to make me super frustrated all night then be happy I spent money on them

  • u player mario for 4 years??? so does that mean ur dad gave u ur console at 2 or are you just that stupid

  • 6 hours a day? rookie numbers.

  • Petition for casually Gaming

  • Yeah, I've been outside, the graphics arent very good.

  • I never left my videogame period. I'm 21 now. But I also make music. My life fucking sucks, yes

  • 1:33. Blood elf hunter............... the most nooby race class combination ever

  • Uhhh

  • What the hell is ruin scape

    • You''re probably young, don't worry about it.

  • Same but with an SNES.

  • “Live, Laugh’ Please Subscribe “