Casually Explained: Video Games

Avaldati 29 juuli 2017
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Me: "Hey, my parents aren't home, let's smash"
Girl: "ok, be right over ;)" ...
[girl enters]
Me: "where is ur gamecube controller"
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  • The POV....I mean FPS......

  • A collab between Casually Explained and the Odd1sOut would be a dream.

  • 3:34 “gamer controller” LoL

  • In a nutshell

  • Nothing makes me feel more old than hearing someone got their Nintendo 64 when they were 4..

  • RUNESCAPE BABAYYYYYYY unironically people that played runescape can spot each other anywhere

  • “dropped out of software engineering” oof that one hurt

  • If you were top ten, you surely could’ve played some lower level tournaments and made bank.

  • you are funny when ı watch your videos and laughing jokes ı understand better how much boring ı am

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  • You're still killing it at StarCraft

  • Bruh wanted to showthis to my dad so he would understand but the take that bitch and the mention of p**n just no. He hates that shit so much.

  • Ok i don’t like watching friends play them that much. But leik I like playing them with friends. It fun to watch them if we can actually have a convo though

  • You could have made it in sc2 if you just improved you Pylon Efficiency Necessary Infrastructure Safety rating.

  • Yea I never post a good vid

  • At 2:09 the "take that bitch" is probably the most sophisticated animation of the whole channel 😹

  • Alternative title "casual explained: my life"

  • people who dont know what video games are, is a N00B

  • "New Videos Every two Weeks"

  • I always find it hilarious when people use their real name in an RPG, it’s like “I, Commander Of Dragons, shall strike you down...James?”

  • When i was 13 or 14 like most of the other kids on my age...

  • Get back into sc2

  • Casually Explained: There are a million Koreans better than you. Ymfah: Yep

  • Did your Dad grow up in a closet? We had the 2600... (well, real nerds like myself even had a home computer in the mid 80's)

    • Jokes aside... top 10 is crazy impressive...

  • I blew my parents' minds with the Witcher 3. They hadn't seen a new video game since the Wii era and I was just showing them all the cool stuff like how alive Novigrad feels, how everyone's doing their own job and such, and the beautiful sights in Skellige.

  • You really preferred Starcraft over WoW?!

  • Live Laugh Please Subscribe hahhahahhahah

  • I love the POV games

  • What the frick

  • “No matter how good you are, there will always be a million Koreans better than you” America learned that in the Korean War

  • I started laughing so hard when he said "That's how I discovered porn"

  • 3.7k koreans malding

  • Remember this is all with an Australian accent

  • How much for each yew log?

  • Casually explain be like :)

  • Tbh video games prevent violence not cause it

  • I wonder if anyone watching this video don't knew what a videogane was

  • What I love about nintendo is how made me feel like I was someone I could never be... an Italian man

  • I started on The Sims and ended on top fragging in first person shooters

  • "I don't get why ppl like 'em" CAUSE THEY'RE FUN YA JACKASS

  • As a korean, I thank you for your love of SC ❤️

  • how can u like RPGs

  • Jokes on him. I couldn’t read

  • At 1:21 pause the video and gently shake your phone

  • 6 hours? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Thats the rookiest numbers ever

  • you can try gun which is forbid in some country

  • Asians in general man can’t win from them

  • damn youtube! fix your ads! i had 2 15 second unskippable ads

  • tru

  • "No matter how good you are, there are always be a million koreans better than you." Bruhh

  • For me video games are a way to make me super frustrated all night then be happy I spent money on them

  • u player mario for 4 years??? so does that mean ur dad gave u ur console at 2 or are you just that stupid

  • 6 hours a day? rookie numbers.

  • Petition for casually Gaming

  • Yeah, I've been outside, the graphics arent very good.

  • I never left my videogame period. I'm 21 now. But I also make music. My life fucking sucks, yes

  • 1:33. Blood elf hunter............... the most nooby race class combination ever

  • Uhhh

  • What the hell is ruin scape

    • You''re probably young, don't worry about it.

  • Same but with an SNES.

  • “Live, Laugh’ Please Subscribe “

  • *Petition for a face reveal.*

  • Get this man some fallout new Vegas

  • If you named yourself James in sc2, we played a game in GM in 2012 with 3 crazy base trades before the game finally ended. I probably watched that replay over 100 times over the years

  • drunk 4 year old making game 1900-2000

  • Take that bitch.... As i blasted them in the face...... Thats how i discovered porn

  • Casually explained: Wanna come home and see me play.

  • "invite people over to watch you play video games" Huh? Not gonna let them play?

  • I’m pretty sure this is just a draw my life...

  • Seriously they need to nerf koreans

  • The how I discovered porn joke made me realize ur a genius and gained my respect

  • “No matter how good you are, there will always be a million Koreans better than you” As a violinist I relate too much

  • Ah, runescape. Actually still play that stuff

  • 3:21 and atleast one finn

  • Most valuable lesson he learned “sex can wait” 😂 My own personal motto !!!!......🤣🤣

  • So this just happened...I was listening to this episode while in the shower And I’m not even kidding But when you said “Take that bitch” the shower curtain rod fell and you said That’s how you discovered porn.... i Laughed so fucking hard. Sorry I’m using speech to text because I’m still in the shower haaha

  • For the porn joke he really had us in the first half ngl

  • “In the end tho jokes on him I couldn’t read”

  • Man koreans are just mmmmmmmmm

  • "Live, Laugh, Please Subscribe"

  • Invite someone over to watch me play video games.. 👍

  • come to Italy I'll teach how to be an Italian guy mamma mia

  • 0:57 man you have the best brother in the world. I almost shed a tear.

  • I got an ad for some random mobile game when I clicked on this, I thought it was part of the video..

  • 6h per day... pathetic

  • porn and FPS, you got me

  • Wholesome ending

  • I liked this video because of the description. . .

  • A video game acutlly wrote my future

  • Who you are a star craft legend that’s amazing and inspiring I’m going to do that in hypixel skyblock

  • "Thats how I discovered porn" Oh man, what a guy.

  • “I can be an Italian man”

  • Weird how there are no good AOE korean players.

  • I don’t play Starcraft, but it seems strange that anyone can get to top 10 in the continent online, but not be good enough to compete in tournaments. How does that work?

  • *MUG* i like ur mug

  • Bruh the green n64 is the sickest one tho

  • I'm one of those Koreans that don't have any talent.

  • #brandonrogers

  • "Za attic"

  • Where's the dad comment?