Casually Explained: Stand-up Comedy

Avaldati 19 veebr 2020
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  • "And the only one watching is your uncle"....facts!!!

  • It would help so much if you were funny.

  • This is super cute thank you

  • Are you a comedian?

  • I hope one day you're on snl Jamie

  • Man, when he said the tax joke I knew this was gonna be good xd

  • Bombing is just the first step to killing

  • I’m a comedian and I do stand up I’m working hard to become one of the greats one day

  • Quantity over quality, I've done stand up multiple times

  • no

  • Extra credit for animation.

  • It should have said orange man bad 0.55

  • ‘The Shumer effect’ as in Amy Shumer? Hahaha

  • Im bowed

  • Hi

  • Omg im so sowwy

  • Lol

  • Wtf

  • Bruh

  • Oh lowd

  • Vewy vewy bowed

  • Cool

  • Sowwy

  • I have to watch this anyways

  • Ill be spamming here for a bit

  • Helb meh

  • Im bored

  • I just realized the number one fear is public speaking, and the number 2 is death. I'm not scared it either. I have now been staring at my phone for 5 minutes trying to think of something I'm scared of. I have failed.

  • This video is gunna make me buy one of your mugs... I think

  • Comment

  • ok

  • Comedy 2015: haha funny trump Comedy 2016: haha funny trump Comedy 2017: haha funny trump Comedy 2018: haha funny trump Comedy 2019: haha funny trump Comedy 2020: haha funny trump Comedy 2021: ahhh shit

  • "Why not both" LOL

  • ''You don't know how to act. You're covered with sweat. There's a big black thing in your mouth and the only person watching is my uncle...'' *Where have i seen this from*

  • I was waiting for the obvious punchline for the joke that started at 1:20 I still laughed my ass off when it got there.

  • Schumer effect???

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  • Best son 2nd place killed me hahaha

  • 2:16 "There's a big black thing in your mouth" Ayo pause

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  • “And then everyone will think you are really companionate until they get to the stairs.” The hardest I’ve laughed at a joke on the internet in a while.

  • The Schumer Effect- Being loved for your stolen jokes because you're attractive, then being hated for your stolen jokes because you're fat.

  • 1:22 The way he describes things in that voice always gets me 😆

  • “I don’t know why more people don’t make fun orphans, like fuck are they gonna do, tell their parents?” Thank you I’ll be here all night

  • he told me to

  • Joey Gladstone was in the back of my mind this whole time...

  • I’ve started in stand-up comedy. The entire process Is hard and complicated. However, getting a laugh is rewarding.

  • I fear that one day I'll meet this guy and he'll turn out to be a wonderful cherish light spirited pearson ...

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  • why you sound so different in this one LMAO

  • Anyone noticed that every time this guy makes a funny comment he inhales loudly after

  • "everyone will think that you are compassionate until he gets to the stairs" lmao

  • I hated this channel but once I knew he listened to Regan I liked it this guy is red pilled.and based #trump2020 #WLM #abolishminorities

  • 2:51 I'm DYING

  • "The Shumer Effect" took me out 😂 😂

  • 2:51 "Until they get to the stairs" I shot a little drink out of my nose when you said that 🤣

  • succ less

  • Bo burnham has entered the chat

  • I feel like I'm missing something whenever I watch comedy performances. I know people are just telling jokes and they need a setup for their jokes, but some of the stories they tell are so fake sounding that it feels like a forced, scripted joke rather than coming off naturally.

  • This guy looks like Mark Normand but he's obviously Joe List.

  • He definitely held back laughter after saying “and then deciding I’d just be myself”

  • Ha! At 1:40 voice pitch changed. Could help but laugh at your own joke huh? Well. It was a good one.

  • Hi

  • I like how this is actually casually explained with the subtleties in the background. Pretty appropriate.

  • “Why don’t you come up on stage and we’ll talk about it” honestly took me a minute then I died

  • You aint going to snl with that kinda attitude 😂😂😂 remember what happened to the last proper canadian on there? He was kidnapped by a quisling!

  • Until they get to the stairs got me cause im just imagining telling someone to come up and being like come on. You can do it. And just omg it's so funny

  • “Until they get to the stairs-“ I wasn’t expecting that lmao

  • Stand-up comedy: You stand up _And you comedy._

    • I do stand ups and I just don’t stand down lol 🤣 I’m a comedian n not a rapper so please stop 🛑 coming to my show asking me to drop down better bars lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Funniest guy on youtube


  • "Give thumbs up and ring my bell"

  • From 2:10 - 2:20 it escalated so quickly but so funny

  • basically middle school with extra steps 🤣

  • We have to collab sometime man

  • We love the Witcher references. 😂

  • It’s not a casualty explained video unless you hear him breath every 5 seconds

  • 0:25 “succ less” *words of wisdom*

  • ...and then coronavirus. So back to practicing in front of the mirror!

  • was the background music an alarm song or something

  • dude this guy is fucking hilarious, I can't even believe it. every time

  • Are you my dad?

  • Are you an INTJ?

  • Ohhhh I get it, good advices, funny jokes

  • Thanks man. Really enjoyed this. Cheers!

  • Yo SNL pick this guy up!

  • Loved it

  • "You don't know how to act, you don't know what to say, you're covered with sweat, there's a big black thing in your mouth and the only person watching is your uncle."

  • why is death number 2? it shouldn't be a fear at all because u would want to die after publicly speaking

  • " A big black thing in your mouth and the only one watching is your uncle" But my uncle isn't black..

  • Ohhhhhhhh yeaaaahhh

  • 0:25 no one else gonna talk about 2nd best son ribbon at the top left?

    • What about the “succ less” poster 💀

  • You are HILARIOUS

  • "there is big black thing in your mouth" 👀

  • First time with uncle - now that was some superb laughing material. Thank you mister.

  • the poster : "succ less" ( suck less )

  • So, how'd your show go?

  • Yo

  • Appreciate talent *clap*