Casually Explained: Cooking

Avaldati 7 dets 2020
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Yo boys I just got my new $300 Japanese knife and I'm ready to crack some coconuts.
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  • Unclear Instructions the Avengers are at my door

  • frozen pizza and Jack Daniels, totally how i eat after job lol

  • Pro tip: If your friends don't like your cooking, throw in whatever spice you have in your kitchen, add an entire garlic onion or two, along with enough cheese that it becomes a main ingredient and watch them worship the ground you tread on. For a cheaper version, fry your shit with olive oil. 9/10 people are too self conscious to criticize such sophistication.

  • 0:45 I'm french and this is hilarious

  • Should I go pro

  • "Mise en place (French pronunciation: ​[mi zɑ̃ ˈplas]) is a French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or "everything in its place". It refers to the setup required before cooking"-Wikipedia. I'm sorry I just had to stop the video to look this up cause I really wanted to know what it actually means.

  • Art lasts until its burned. Food lasts 8 hours.

  • You're satire is golden. You are the onion reincarnated.

  • Watch haachama. Its probably the average viewers skill level

  • Thanks for the highly relatable video about cooking. I really think Gordon Ramsay shouldn't be the first person to look at when you're starting cooking. I started personally with easy stuff like egg fried rice. Hope everyone gets to learning cooking soon.

  • I use a sous vide everyday! It’s great for lazy cooks like me!

  • "so your friends think your life is going better than it actually is" I felt that.

  • Bruh, that cast iron bit is a complete summary of owning cast iron

  • I'm from South Africa and I just loved the silence after he got to Africa, brilliant.

  • collage student here, have never cooked in my entire life, parents live on the otherside of the country. and i just spent a week eating cereal and bologna straight from the package.. this really helped me out, i now eat cereal WITH milk and bologna from a plate instead.

  • This video has SSOOOOO much truth in it…I’m almost insulted. 😂

  • 2:45 Hidden leaf Shinobi 😂

  • I didn't think this video was gonna be this accurate

  • It’s so true

  • I am cook and this is absolutely correct

  • Step 1: Let the knife do the work

  • My ex bought glass cutting boards. Fuck people who don't think for one second when they find something "stylish"

  • How does this guy keep a straight face and not laugh saying these lines?

  • i love how the oven in the background is smoking when he's having the wine

  • Who doesn't have salt?!?

  • This was too accurate, it’s kinda insulting! 😂

  • Cooking. Are you good? Again it’s hard to tell because when you’re starving burnt crisp chicken still taste amazing

  • anyone else read the instagram caption rofl

  • Make a video about Keto

  • Fucker nailed it on the frozen pizza and jack daniels bit...

  • When he said prolong starvation It just hit different

  • Prolounging starvation for the next day 🤣

  • But really; were do the vpns get all their money from?

  • Man, this guy's humor is the best thing ever

  • this man really plugged YSAC

  • You know I take culinary classes and your translation of “mise en place” is extremely accurate

  • Damn how many professional chefs are there in this comment section

  • You got me at the tire company rating your restaurant!

  • Ah, so this IS the "You Suck at Cooking" guy! Mystery solved!

  • The bits at the end with the suveed and the cast iron sound alot like my dad...

  • Serves 2, I feel that. Lol

  • "Frozen pizza and jack daniels" The most accurate statement in this video. -Former fancy professional cook.

  • priceless)

  • Where is the: Casually explained casually explained video?

  • How do you mix up Fahrenheit and Celsius on an oven? There's LITERALLY only one choice lol.

  • I'm a chef. This couldn't be more on point/hilarious

  • Michelin is an AMERICAN tire company. Oh yes the irony. The country that gave us the Double Down Chicken sandwich, and the Krispy Kreme Burger, is the one deciding wether a chef is haute enough to be a French Chef


  • I don't think I ever realized Michelin was a French company until now. I just sort of assumed it was American and based in New York because of Ghostbusters...

  • As a cook.. this hurts me, by reminding me I'm a cook. Mainly I wanted to comment on the thumbnail for this, by saying that the chef who trained me would say things like 'Dont serve me food I have to disassemble before I eat it.'

  • ExpressVPN isn't available where i live, should i download a different vpn to install it ?

  • do you read the comments 😔 notice us

  • are you YSAC s brother??? makes me happy

  • W A S H T H E K N I F E A F T E R Y O U S H A R P E N I T

  • The british version of this is just "Throw shit together, be sick in the pan and call it a meal" (seriously British food is horrible every single good thing "from Britain" was nicked from colonies. Also just search up stargazy pie and you will see what I mean

  • instructions unclear. poisoned my dog

  • This hits so close to home I’m about to call it dad. Too soon?

  • My Microwave is the chef

  • i want to like more than one

  • You've been sounding more happy in your videos lately, did woman finally touch you?

  • I was a short order cook in a small very busy restaurant in my early 20s loved that job. So much fun & challenging. You either love it or hate it. Never went to the grocery store. Funniest videos out there.

  • Νo one: Casually Explained: nnnnyu. 0:00

  • *Meewweon* and I subscribed

  • A tire company is the top rating of the food industry. Hmmm

  • Imagine looking up how to cook and clicking on this thinking it's a legit cooking tutorial

  • Things that I've learned from this video: How to spell "amateur"

  • 😂😂

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  • Sam o’Nella: lifestyle edition

  • fr though a sharp knife is actually much safer to use because you don't push so hard and there's no sudden lurch when you brute force through a potato -- you won't be slamming a thin sheet of vaguely sharp metal against yourself

  • so this channel is gradeaundera but without the swearing and the nice english voice

  • I don't use a recipe. People don't understand what cutting to quarter is. Whipping cream is too hard. I can't find food couloring. I don't have a non stick cast iron. I don't put the ingredients on the table. If you made a recipe your self, you would never forget it.

  • Definitely made my night. Great upload!!

  • i do hope people don't think that "mise en place" means forgetting half the shit you need... Oh and, don't go professional : customers makes you wanna die real fast

  • dude, frozen pizza and jack daniels is gourmet

  • anybody else heard the ph intro at 2:31

  • "Mise en place", which is french for "forgetting half the shit you need". It's funny 'cause it's true.

  • 1:43 well that hit a bit close to home, as a chef i sadly agree with this

  • That review joke got me

  • Told it how it is. Gold!

  • 0:45 I'm French and I think this guy speaks French fluently.

  • wait, why french tire company rated how well a restaurant is?

  • I understand this is satire but it's so fucking stupid.

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  • Wait... people actually use glass “cutting boards”????? I thought it was just a weird decorating element

  • The real problem about professional cooking is that restaurants use way too often processed food cus it’s cheaper and you don’t need professional chefs to cook instant food. People who are passionate about cooking slowly loose their passion until they give it up completely...

  • i am a professional chef and i loved this video :D

  • I never give likes cause I’m lazy but you almost got one old job

  • Watching this while cooking =pure joy

  • Instead of a cast iron skillet, buy a wok

  • why he always got a problem with africa?

  • to be honest fuck those professionals .. the art happens in my mouth not on the plate

  • as somone thats studing to bekome a chef this is amasing advise for me. :) mice en plase ( im terabul at speling) mens on its plais.

  • Defining what art is, is like telling someone they are not breathing the right way

  • Bruh, you voice got so deep. I went from watching one of you super old videos (how to get a job) to this one and hahah time flies

  • Oh shit, it's been a few months, but I've had the forearm tattoos for a while. I'm FUCKED.

  • as chef i can 100% agree

  • Babish should take notes

  • i agree with that