Casually Explained: Cycling

Avaldati 4 nov 2019
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Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life
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  • Truly said- now I can say it loud that I'm a cyclist 🤣

  • fixed gear riders wya

  • 2:46 that wallet is also aero when empty

  • I really thought you were gonna say true cyclists don't have kids because of their mangled balls

  • this is pretty accurate

  • Wireless di2 pedals tf HAHAH

  • this is great

  • I like riding mine off roaad fuck a street

  • the virgin commuter vs THE CHAD CYCLIST

  • Water bottle has to be aero... And aunt Jemima's syrup

  • killed it on this one

  • I once saw a cyclist on the motorway. Madman. Cars going past 70-80 miles an hour, just a slight gust of wind and he's toast

  • Lol this is why cyclists must have this; points at helmet, a tiny brain

  • And it's a great way to stay in shape

  • Watching this again, and got a cycling ad. Nice.

  • lol

  • And that sacrifice is SPEEEED!!!!

  • In the Netherlands everyone cycles

  • lmao HAHAHHAHA

  • Do you happen to live in Victoria or something? These photos are too similar.

  • I ride MTB.

  • I think the gel was syrup

  • 4:32

  • Why was it a syrup bottle instead of a water

  • Real talk, the middle-aged mother in an SUV would be the one running the red light. Studies show that drivers break the law FAR more often than cyclists (which makes sense, since drivers are gambling on other people's lives whereas cyclists are gambling on their own).

  • Fuck.this is me.

  • Woa I didn't expect to see some gcn and puck cameo. If I got them, it means I am aero?

  • #pregnantwomenarenotaero

  • Having a pic of Big Ramy when referencing egyptian steroids is a nice and underappreciated detail of this video.

  • See my picture,...🧐🤪😂😅😂😥

  • "Aunt Jemima Energy Gel" 🤣

  • What abt ppl with SE bikes....

  • as a cyclist i can confirm

  • This might be the first ad I’ve ever watched

  • That point about the head is really apt. You don't need a helmet, you need a brain to protect you from getting hit by an idiot (or more likely vindictive) driver that will kill you instantly under any form of contact. SCREW YOU AUSTRALIA WITH YOUR MANDATORY HELMET LAWS.

  • Being from the Netherlands, this type of video is completely incomprehensible to me, although I know how these things are looked at outside of my own country. It's still bewildering to think how unsafe it must be to ride a bicycle outside of the Netherlands.

  • Well i feel seen.

  • sounds like you ARE actually a cyclist :) Well done!

  • Cyclist are the best wall paint.

  • "living of the college fund for his kids he'll never have after his wife divorced him" Unrealistic. She would have taken the college fund.

  • MTB gang

  • Worked in a bike shop. Can confirm this whole video.

  • The characters you draw are so cute omfg

  • 0:10 NICE, proud to be from Slovakia

  • Wow that video is amazing, well why don't you watch this one come on!Go watch the GoleCast at

  • Im dutch and i AM bicycle

  • so..... just found out that i am a commuter NOT a cyclist™

  • What is this gold I accidentally added to my watchlist

  • I'm from Victoria too :)

  • 2:55 Syrup bottle in water bottle holder

  • Holy shit this is gold and sadly at the same time, a bit true. 😂😂

  • i am at the exact middle

  • dis is what a regular day in the Netherlands looks like

  • Just looked up Puck Moonen. God damn

  • This is how my grandparents said they got to school

  • As a Dutch person, this video is conflicting

  • True story: My uncle's ~$3,000 road bike was stolen, but the kids left it in a ditch 200 yards away because it kept tipping over.

  • 2:41 Saab meme

  • POV: you're laughing at this because you're not a cyclist, but you are fat like one and should probably get on a bike to be slightly active

  • .. why does he have aunt jemima on his bike😂😂

  • This made my day

  • Can confirm, am a comuter and my bike was stolen

  • fatbikers dont care about aero, if you want to train then nothing cant stop you, aero is for week to show how long distances they travel, to a fatbike 10km route and you will feel the burn

  • I love this video is so funny 🤣

  • What's the name of the blonde lady that appears when he talks about strava?

  • cy kling

  • Only complaint: you did not explain why their middle finger muscles are so overly developped. Otherwise that's the best EEclone video that has ever been made.

  • ulle ist sauber

  • OK - so, I’ve raced and been a commuter. I’m so triggered at the accuracy of this video. Now I’m going to go cry in the shower and shave my legs for old time’s sake.

  • I'm kind 4: Dutch

  • As a dutchman. I can say that this video is a bit too simple

  • My dad is a cyclist in Miami and this is the most spot on explanation of him and his riding “posse” (that’s what he calls them)

  • I like how the cyclists water bottle is syrup

  • I should hook my ebike up to that app and flex.

  • Lmfaooo. So good!

  • Sometimes I forget you're from the island... Then I see VicPD etc. Super cool someone from our little area is doing something other than... Whatever we do.

  • I’m going to become a 40 year old cyclist and this will be my bible

  • as a cyclist who's broken his collarbones twice in 7 weeks can confirm i sacrifice them. Aslo have you ever driven into headwind. That shit sucks

  • I bike for fun but not with a full on bike bike you know?

  • i got a biking ad on this video

  • I guess standard-issue brain aren't aero

  • that's a pretty accurate description of my dad

  • The syrup in the water bottle holder😆

  • “Pregnant women are not aero” quote of the year

  • You forgot to mention that all cyclists somehow switch between being a vehicle and a pedestrian whenever they want.

    • In The Netherlands, cyclists are neither regarded vehicles, nor pedestrians. They are their own class, have their own space on the roads and their own set of rules that comes with it. The problem arises when tourists ride bikes, and behave like pedestrians. They are basically like people driving 30 a highway. That is why I always recommend tourists in NL to wear helmets while cycling. Not because you're going to crash into someone, but so that the Dutch can identify you as a tourist and will avoid crashing into you.

    • I am guilty

    • We're in between and most places will usually either so if it's somewhere I'm confident I won't die I'm on the street but if I'm gonna get merc'd on a highway I'm cool with being a pedestrian

    • We can do that, we just get off our bike. Or ride slower. On average a bike only goes as fast as the average person can sprint anyway.

    • To be fair, city planners [in the US] also switch between considering bicycles as vehicles or pedestrians between every city block. The place where I live has a bike lane that literally goes from a road onto a sidewalk. And then there's: "The cyclists can have this 200 yard bike lane as a treat. But it will end right before a six lane intersection and we will provide no further guidance. Have fun figuring it out!"

  • Pregnant woman is certainly not aero.. OMG I am pregnant and I feel attacked🤣🤣🤣

  • You really missed out the silly af looking gear?

  • I have watched this video 4 times. I love it so much!

  • You prick!! I almost died after laughing 2 minutes straight!


  • I'm Dutch and I'm soooooo confused. The stereotypes you are referring to literally don't exist here, as just about everyone rides a bike. You guys in America don't even have bike lanes, so I could understand why it's not a very good idea to commute by bike there, but that is the fault of the city that does not make it safe for people to not be in a car. You have a real problem over there

    • Netherlands is so much more superior to america in every way because dutch people ride bikes x

    • We have plenty of bike lanes! Most major cities are plastered with them. They go a long way to making it safe. What would really help next is for cyclists to stop running red lights.

  • And this is why I stick to bmx 😂😂

  • You should do mountain biking

  • i once had a friend who got a new boyfriend who was a cyclist, and when my best friend and i first met him my best friend mentioned something about bikers, to which the new boyfriend angrily said "we are NOT bikers, bikers are people who shoot up diners, we are CYCLISTS"

  • My dad is in this video and I don’t like it

  • If being aero were really your thing you'd be riding a recumbent.

  • And this is why Im a commuter and just enjoy my nature rides....I think most cyclists are egoistic wankers and I stopped being one a long time ago. No fun when fun becomes work. So I went fuck it...Im back to flat pedals and comfortable cycling casual Im not walking around like a bloody retarded duck whilst sounding like a TS with heels.

  • Do one about mountain bikers

  • I'm that commuter who always talks about how good cycling is for the enviroment, how cities should encourage it and how hard is it to be a cyclist in America.

  • what about mountain bikers and dirt jumpers