Casually Explained: Cycling

Avaldati 4 nov 2019
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Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life
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  • cycling isn't beautiful it is gay

  • I used to hate cyclists. Then I bought a bicycle. Now I hate them even more.

  • Both my brother and my dad race uci cyclocross and this just a little too accurate I’m so many ways

  • When is the mountain bike coming?

  • What about bike life though like ride outs and shit

  • Very silly. I have been cycling since ~1962. With around a five year gap after someone driving a backhoe tried hard to kill me. But I'm back on the road.

  • When you brought Puck Moonen it confirmed what I suspected. this was a targeted attack towards me.


  • As a commuter cyclist myself I confirm: this is 100% true. And no, the saddle height on 5:37 is NOT exaggerated.

  • Pregnant women are not aero? We all believe this to be true but has anyone done the testing? Has anyone asked a kind pregnant woman to do some windtunnel testing for drag cooefficient? It may be that pregnant women have a good aero cross-section and low drag. If indeed they are not aero when do they become not aero? Month 1 or 3 or 9 or on conception?

  • Add me on strava kek


  • LOL

  • Lance Armstrong's DVD has a parental warning for Drug Use... Quality.

  • Is it true men who cycle for longer than 2 years consecutively have a lower to no sperm count. I was watching a stoy on how male cyclists have lower testosterone levels.

  • Ok noone is going to talk about how elevated the seat was on that bikes

  • Check out the song "I'm faster than you" for an example put to music.

  • Amazing and completely 100 percent true

  • I love how his water bottle is just a Mrs butterworth bottle XD

  • Soooo... no mountain biking??

  • I’m a motorcyclist not a bicyclist, but we’re... kind of the same way

  • What about mountain biking

  • Cyclists-tm are called "wielrenners" (wheel-runner) in dutch. Commuters are called nothing because there are almost no people here who don't commute by bike.

  • hope my bike hasn’t been stolen again

  • Wow Big Ramy and a DBZ power meter in the same video. Amazing

  • Uh oh. I think I'm a cyclist

  • That is my bike, black Cervelo!!, there is a mix of commuter and cyclist

  • Where can i get Dura Ace D12 pedals

  • Cycling the only transportation thats slower then jogging up hill

  • Si mi padre entendiera ingles se lo mostraría porque es él.

  • Pregnant women are not AERO 🤣

  • It’s it Vons or Safeway lol

  • Hey, hey, hey, I follow that instagram account for... some reason...

  • Me whenever I see someone cycling in the middle of the road: must resist hit them

    • It's actually safer for road bikers to ride in the middle of the lane instead of the edge. Riding the edge encourages assholes to overtake WAY too close and risking peoples' lives.

  • "If you're looking to truly immerse yourself in cycling culture, you can try out our sponsor Express VPN." Because if you're stupid enough to be a cyclist you're stupid enough to think a VPN protects you at all.

  • scootering is better

  • I died at Body=T Rex line

  • 0:10 hey thats peter sagan at least some slovak person is doing well in sports

  • yo you forgot the bike messenger that wears baggy shorts, casual clothing, and doesn't care about his life at all.

  • This is true with mountain biking as well a have a trek marlin 5 which I already have 500 miles on in 1 month

  • i am in a way a cyclist, but aero just looks like shit and cars is something i don't see when riding. could be the case that i ride a mountainbike and stay far away from the roads.

  • in the netherlands we have a problem... commuters do not sacrifice speed anymore because of E-bikes so my no one has grandparents here anymore.

  • dude i think pregnant women are more aero than flat tummied men 🤔🤔

  • Forgot mountain biking tho

  • Over the Counter steroids from Egypt I am Egyptian and I can confirm this

  • Oooo the Empress Hotel. This is a swanky video.

  • Wireless pedal hahaha

  • This video called me out harder than anything ever has.

  • "Gain 50 pounds" My scrawny a$$: THATS THE PLAN

  • Do one about mountain biking

  • I have watched this video multiple times and I enjoy it more and more each time

  • Nah I like how serious he is like he not even joking 💀💀

  • Commuter here.

  • I like that you used photos from the channel GCN, specifically ones from their "Top 10 Devious Ways to Beat Your Mates"

  • I got a cycling ad

  • Do mountain biking

  • never thought of cyclists as anything but older european weirdos getting in the way of the road and tryna inconvenience other drivers.......this makes them seem playfully suicidal and integrated with nature...., kinda boosts their rep

  • But what about us mountain bikers 😢

  • The irony of the suggested ad being for a dating site...

  • i was a cyclist for 8 years then i got internet at home :)

  • mountain biking is ok becasue you hate those cunts lmao andd its not the bikes its the people who ride them that are the problem in the world

  • I hate both commuters and cyclists. Only casual riders welcome.

  • Watching right after my bike got stolen. :'v

  • "Sponsored by nord VPN which is almost as fast as I think I am" I dunno man.. judging from your voice I would not assume you would think of yourself as a fast person :)

  • I race bmx (just think Motocross but on the trick bikes) and we laugh at "cyclists"

  • This video is too accurate 😂😂. This guy has to be a cyclist

  • Do mountain bikers

  • american: use imperial system everyone else: use metric system casually explained using both:

    • Canadians using both:

  • HA!

  • Basically a description of Coach Greg

  • the energy this man gives off makes me think he rides a canyon

  • "If a middle aged mother t-boned his cervelo on the way to his local cat 3 crit, so be it" lol can relate

  • As a fellow cyclist I can confirm everything in this video as truth 👍Aero is everything. Trex body is everything lmao

  • As a commuter I hate cyclist.

  • This is proof he actually is a cyclist I haven't laughed this hard in a while

  • I wish Puck Moonen was in tinder radius of a cafe or a bikerack

  • LPL says those locks are not impressive

  • There is a clear omission here; Mountain Bikers. Probably becasue when riding, they disappear into the wilderness, never to be seen whilst riding. Sort of like cyclist Big Foot.

  • Like that video it’s good right well this one is better

  • It's about aero

  • Zoheb, thank you for not being like my friend zack who cried when I had to cancel our date in Chicago tonight

  • Pregnant women are definitely not aero... gotta drop em 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  • As a dutch college student i want my €10, 2 year old bike to be stolen

  • Amazing how underdeveloped the world is on cycling... Its no wonder we never had a "hate cyclist" or the "we should bike more" stage. We are just born on bikes and we dont need to wear protection, making it even more likable to bike... Greatings Netherlands

  • Pregnant woman are not aero gentlemen Remember that.

  • “The cyclist has not ridden in any UCI-sanctioned events, but has met several people who have visited Europe” I’m dying 😭

  • Or you buy MTB and Ride or Die.

  • What about mountain biking?

  • The “coommuter” in modern lingo.

  • You forgot mountain biking! You call yourself a Canadian. Jk jk

  • the aluminium pony

  • Oi

  • what about mtb ;-;

  • Mountain Bikers Hurrah

  • Why wear a helmet: I'm Dutch!

  • You needed to make a video about moutain biking

  • So I guess I’m selling my bike

  • can you do one on mountain biking

  • Mountain bikers over here like 👀

  • Pregnant women are, in fact, not aerodynamic. I had to test.