Casually Explained: Back In My Day

Avaldati 23 mai 2016
Thank you as always for watching and cheers Life Noggin!
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This was a 100% accurate description of my dad do not let him tell you otherwise and his accent is also exactly the same.
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  • This is just like my dad, coming up with ridiculous stories from his childhood. One of my favorites was him saying that they didn't have the entire alphabet. Only A,E,I,O,U. Another one was when he said he didn't have grass when he was a kid, only weeds.

  • back in my days we didn´t have a pandemic.

  • Back in my days u could buy 25 € of money for 1/8 of a penny

  • "Sounds like you're full of shit dad"

  • Got to re-watch this for a G9 English assignment lmao

  • Bob Tucker is the most American name I've ever heard

  • House on the hill school on a hill cross a bridge on the walk to school and maby you did walk up hill both ways


  • Ah yes,I also water my plants during rain


  • "You are full of shit dad"

  • I’m 100% gonna exaggerate quarentine.

  • it sound like ur full of shit dad

  • Web MD "you're f*****" ...

  • the subtitles

  • Back in my day our phones flipped.

  • Sounds like your full of sh1t dad

  • 1:29 his phone: Casually Explained 1 mil subs nudes reveal

  • Back in my day all men were from Texas.

  • Yo, life noggin ad at the end... that’s not how u pronounce “epoch”.

    • @KLousyfolds watch the end of this one,

    • @KLousyfolds if u have an example, would love to hear it.

    • It's a regional pronunciation. I'm not sure where from but there are regions on this planet where well-studied individuals do pronounce the word that way.

  • Now I get to go, “you should feel privileged! Back in my day we couldn’t even see each other face to face without a mask on - and it didn’t even matter since most of the stores were closed!”

  • This gives me Big Fish vibes

  • Back in my day, people used to eat food.

  • When we are old: back in my day we had physical bodies Kids: haha cap!

  • Crazy thing is that I walked up hill both ways

  • *WebMD* _You're f***ed_ 🔥(Tinder) *FAQ* _Can you lower the difficulty?_ _Disposing of a hydraulic press while making it look like an accident._ *Google* _Casually Explained 1 mil subs nudes reward._ *WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COMPUTERS* "If computers are so smart why aren't they driving cars? haha" *Prices* All Candy..........$0.001/lb Chocolate.........$0.002/lb Smiles................Free ☆ ☆ Unless you're a minority *LEGO* DANGER: STEPPING HAZARD

  • Me : "I'm so hungry" Grandpa : *"Back in my day we didn't have stomachs"*

  • Why do you have a hydraulic press and why does disposing of it need to look accidental?

  • 1:09 then he waddles away waddle waddle 😂

  • "it sounds like you're full a' shit dad." i laughed too hard at this

  • uoooomg xD hahahhahaha you sir hhahahah

  • Subtitles at 2:49 #Boom_roasted

  • Back in my day this was a new video

  • My dogs name is ruby

  • -Back in my day we used to fight psychos who wanted to spread a deadly virus by not wearing a mask, at the same time the country was having a civil war, meanwhile an Ompa Loompa was the president. - Grandpa did you take your pills?? - I'M TELLING YOU THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED - Haha OK zoomer

  • oof this boomer told a stupid story that even a 4yr knows its bad

  • This is the closest we get to rage comics

  • This is just an excuse for Casually Explained to use that shark sprite in another video.

  • Fck, ur dad from texas? Lol, take my sincere condolences

  • 2:47 I come back so many times for this part only.

  • The end killed me :D

  • 1:28 "Casually Explained 1 mil subs nude reveal"

  • Back in my day we live in Mars

  • Everything is fun and games until we turn 70

  • People, one day we will be telling these stories! So appreciate them!

  • Is it a super layered joke that when the dad talks to the dog, the illustration is colored because "dogs cant see colors" so to dogs, its normal thing (so the illustration is normal/colored for us)

    • It's just because he doesn't say there wasn't any color

    • But it’s also colored for the brother

  • Back in my day, the phone screens weren’t just backwards, they were non existent

  • Lahva sharks 😂😂

  • I think your dad might just miss the days when he could use his imagination and tell stories to his kids

  • "Back when I was your age I was a whole hell of a lot older than you"

  • “Is that why you can take the bread out of the toaster without hurting yourself” “Your god damn right” OMFG

  • You know back in my day… it was my day

  • Back In My Day , we didnt have days

  • Back in my day, kids respected their elders and listened to their stories.

  • WebMD _You're fucked_

  • kid:Sounds like your full of shit dad Dad: speaking that I have to go take a dump

  • It's so great how your family collabed on this.

  • The dad sounds like Phil Anselmo.

  • If theres a hill in the middle of the way to school is that uphill both ways?

  • I never get a woooorrrd uh thank yew.

  • Aw my dog’s name is Ruby too!

  • Can’t walk to have kids so I can say “back in my day, I went to school during a pandemic, and wore a mask all day just to get my eja- macation in”

  • Ummm Casually Explained? I think your dad might be a bit older than 2.5 million years

  • This video is the purest form of the "how my dad got to school" meme. and it was made before the meme existed

  • Why does dad sound like Forrest Gump

  • Welp, we win. Now, we're attending classes in the middle of a gash darn pandemic. Beat that dad.

  • Shawn/Shuan/Sean(S)

  • My favorite casually explained video

  • Uphill both ways?? I had to walk uphill three ways to get to school.

  • Waddlewaddle😄

  • "dad why is everything black and white?" "because color haddnt been invenned yet"

  • Then he waddled away, waddled waddled...

  • this guy isn’t making stuff up, he just went to school in australia

  • Back in my day we went to school during a global pandemic

  • life nugget send me here

  • man when i herd tucker my brain went GINNIE PIG!! STRIPE!! CRAIGGGGGGGGG

  • Cause you know bacm in my day they didnt have rain

  • you’re portrayal of you’re dad reminds me of grandpa (mom’s side), it’s a shame he died in 2014, if he where around longer i would’ve probably been able to laugh at his jokes instead of thinking he was a weirdo.

  • Back in my day we had to survive a global pandemic.

  • Can we just take a second to acknowledge the Web MD search 0:12 😂

  • I like how the colorblind animal gets the color version of the story

  • did anyone else notice the subtle dogs being colourblind joke?

  • I am also James and have a brother called Sean, stop stealing my identity depressed internet man

  • my name is sean

  • Imagine the back in my day stories of the greatest generation

  • I can’t like this enough

  • Plot twist: Dad was brought up on a different planet xD

  • Hey guys, my name is Bob Tucker, and everything he said is absolutely correct!

  • Banjo kazooie poster!

  • Back in my day, the like button was a solid metal bar with green for likes and red for dislikes. Most channels were 1 or 2 years old at the time. I remember when EEclone was a more simple place. There were no rules, but to make fun videos that people would enjoy. That is what was like back in my day. Also the profile pics on users were square

  • Dad: Tells story to boi in B&W (cuz "color wadn't invented in the 80's") Also Dad: Tells same story to Rooby (Man's best friend, also a DOG) in *stunning 69K resolution full color*

  • I had a dog named Rooby too high five

  • Anyone: back in my day we played with garbage pail kids, now you whipper snappers- Me: OH MY GOD I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR CHILDHOOD

  • Me in the future: *back in my day we went to school during a pandemic*

  • 2:48 #boomroasted these subtitles are incredible

  • back in my day toys weren't invented yet so we played with rocks, sticks and broke things with rocks and sticks

  • Relatable af..

  • My 40 year old dad is a lot like this

  • Wheres that dudes video