Casually Explained: Casual Explainer, but Serious Gamer

Avaldati 15 juuli 2019
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  • honestly, i clicked the video for blackpink, its cool anyways

  • Time to do Starcraft I guess

  • All my teammates are members of the league team sirens and I am the computer

  • Yeah, I played a lot! Had to quit so I could build a business instead but now I'm rich living off dividends with all the time in the world :) I have 2 CPU games in my home and both are Starcraft II

  • Blizzard?! Ya fuckin mook, look atcha now

  • i’m a simple person. i see k-pop, i click.

  • Finland was mentioned in a casually explained video. Now i can die happy :)

  • 😂😂😂

  • I was only able to play 1 game of Starcraft 2 before my pc blue screened

  • Watched this 1.5 years late, but man was it accurate! Except from the part where I never got out of diamond, and that iNcontrol sadly passed away - rippers :'( I even have a picture with day9 from DreamHack! Those were the good old days!

  • Serral is actually losing all his matches atm

  • "of course I picked Protoss because my previous hobby was Rubik's cubing" *hurriedly puts away cube and unpicks protoss*


  • Yeah, you are man!

  • Casually explain one guy from finland

  • After seeing how he likes to play strategy games in the beginning I wonder if anybody has told him about factorio

  • Imagine if technoblade also become an explainer or some shit like exurb1a

  • Might be a silly question 🙈 but how much of this is true? Did you really beat the 2 best players in the world and then retire immediately? Why not compete for the big money?

  • Casually explained, ysac, and techno are the monotone chaotic trinity

  • Bru this has to be fake

  • That SNSD reference tho

  • 2:24 Is that an Attack On Titan reference?

  • When you loose always blame developers. I agree.

  • 4:38 nobody else notice the audio

  • 2:25 I never noticed the Attack on titan reference before

  • 2:25 AOT

  • From that intro, you should play factorio

  • Met the guy from Finland,Fortnight San Jose

  • Rest in peace incontrol!

  • Am I the only one who's genuinely impressed? Like gad damn, the amount of time, dedication and will-power it had to take to get there. Congrats man, mad respect tbh

  • Please do casually explained: Kpop 🥺🥺🥺 as a hardcore kpop stan id love to see that

    • @SamTDL ! what

    • Casually explained: Gay-pop

  • the zingers are op xD

  • Huk looks exactly like Desmond Miles from Assassin's Creed

  • RIP Incontrol

  • Dude good shit you beat pros still :D

  • RIP inControl

  • I feel like we had the exact same childhood when it came to loving strategy games. Warcraft 2 was my 1st, then got into SC, AoE 2, Stronghold/Crusader, Warcraft 3, and more. I'm also a depressed adult

  • I'm still confused on the thing that he went 8th place in the North American ladder. It kinda feels like he is joking around, but this is suspiciously specific. If this is true, like if he actually achieved 8th place when he was a teenager, he could have become a legit pro-gamer. 8th place in any server means he is at pro-level.

    • Not really, he became 8th place bc he got 2 wins against Bomber and 1 against HuK. Also on NA server, especially then, no. And especially since actual programers depromote to Masters

  • Imagine if someone hacked into StarCraft and made everything +1%. +1% HP, currency rate, dmg, everything. When people enter hundreds of commands a second, 1% matters

  • RIP Incontrol. You da best

  • I would always play zerg and terren

  • I like seeing the comments from like a year ago talking about how shitty blizzard is for that political bs, and i'm just here in 2020 laughing at how Blizzard just straight up stopped supporting Starcraft 2 recently.

  • *lives in Finland * *hears someone say Finland * "whompdt has summoned me"

    • Torille

    • Say hello to the San Jose Fortnight player for me

  • What the fuck is a Starcraft

  • "We take those" 😂😂😂😂

  • This is a feel good story.

  • wow u were actually realllly goood hahah I mean good job

  • Dat attack on titan reference tho

  • That was a journey.

  • The bite-sized rooster electronically smash because luttuce aerobically inject without a tightfisted card. rotten, moaning stove

  • Casually Explained: Casually Explained

  • The guitar gave it away.... ATTACK ON TITAN

  • Forgot this vid existed. InControl is dead fyi. Quite some time ago.

  • So, was he really top #8 someday ?

  • damn I didn't know blizzard sponsor youtubers damn you play starcraft 2 too! its one of the best games ever

  • I played SC2 in Diamond League for a few months, but having to keep up with the meta was exhausting. Given how bad my APM and micro was, meta was all I had going.

  • why does this guy sound like technoblade :o???

  • It was so fun to make giant bases on C&Q then just blow it all up with super weapons

  • Watching this as Byun just beat Serral in the greatest series of 2020. Return of the king

  • 2:25 attack on titan reference?

  • “The gaming equivalent of being 6” tall” 😂😂

  • Rip incontrol. Yeah I got fond memories of StarCraft and I was a total pleb I can't imagine making grandmaster lol

  • A refrigerator can get GM with protoss

  • To this day I still dont believe sc2 is comming out next year.

  • So if I platinum on the current ladder I’m better than 2019 casually explained? Who’s the best now

  • Enjoyed this video a lot !

  • The blackpink thumbnail brought me here

  • I loved this game. That's pretty awesome they are free now.

  • 45 APM toss is GM level.

  • I see blackpink, I clicc

  • Rip incontrol

  • Do asmr

  • Lost the game Blame the devs

  • Oh yeah? I'm good at strategy games. It doesn't need updates and it's also 1v1 It's called chess.

  • I miss Incontrol...

  • 2:24 nice to know you're a weeb.

  • You baited me with blink 😭

  • Imagine even wanting to be alike somewhar alike Korean

  • Lesson of the day: If you are good at something an asain can do it better

  • Andd the only person to blame ... is the developers 😂

  • Nerd

  • U made it

  • I loved that not only did you beat HuK you beat bomber 2 to 1 I guess you're the best

  • Still play classic RTS games, aoe3 de released!

  • Omg I still play age of empires 2 sometimes

  • who is the FEDORA GUY TELL ME

  • Kpop sucks lol

  • so you sayin you could went pro in Starcarft, but u just left?

  • Sick that you linked the free games, thanks!

  • Sucks that we lost incontrol. RIP

  • You managed to make me wanna play this game

  • Holy shit you were that guy!

  • Reminds me of the potato War

  • why you gotta make me miss SC2

  • 7:48 "all of its expansions" nope, WoL is still free, as it has been for 2 years before this vid was released, but HotS and LotV are still 15€ each.

  • Oi

  • So... You're... 25. Cool. Helpful. Now I know I'm too old to be a wealthy EEcloner.


  • ez for ence

  • Had same experience with SC but i was too nervous to play ranked so I stayed in gold/plat :(((