Casually Explained: Casual Explainer, but Serious Gamer

Avaldati 15 juuli 2019
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  • Double sponsorship? I didn't know that that was a thing.

  • Thx man, this rly inspired me to go play age of empires!

  • 6:50 *GIGACHAD*

  • wow a blackpink fan!

  • Have you ever played halo wars 2?

  • Gamers: wanna become Koreans Weebs: wanna become Japanese

  • OMG I love SC2

  • Nice aot sounds clip at 2:24

  • Sad Blizzard has become what it is now, from a independent game maker who would make amazing games, to just another firm trying its best not to be smite by China. Thanks for such an interesting video and hope to see more.

  • Awe man, this is really heartwarming and funny, but incontrol :( Rest in power, King

  • shit dood; iNcontroL ........ Geoff; you made my cry a bit not gonna lie

  • i have a feeling you should try clash of clans

  • f blizzard

  • Who else thinks this guy sounds like the "You Suck at Cooking" guy?

  • 6:49 is this a 2021 meme on 2019? wow

  • Man Im so glad I never got into this stuff.


  • Nice setup, maybe take the fan away from the mike: 7:24

  • Kool aot reference

  • What an Odissey

  • Why for this video, he suddenly aged like 10 years?

  • Did this actually happen?

  • 2:24 Attack on Titan

  • Wait.... Finland mentioned

  • To this day we don't know if he was being serious or nah

  • Just me, clicking the video bc I saw blackpink


  • I feel like this was an ad so I support it but this vid wasn't as funny. Still love you brother

  • Bro looking like fat Danny Gonzalez

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  • 1 year ago, Blizzard paying an ad for sc2 2021 - SC what? We don't do that here.

  • Chess .. hold my stalemate

  • Hes 24-25 well **The more u fucking know**

  • My man where a serious gamer sitting in his mom garage and Startail bomber saved him

  • I didn't even realize Huk, the coach for Boston Uprising, was Huk from Starcraft lol

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  • Would Adderall be considered a performance enhancing drug in this league?

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  • Did you speedcube?

  • I still play SC2

  • The problem with pro SC2 players is most of the ones that show up on competition broadcasts seem about as interesting as a glass of tepid water.

    • The same is true of anyone who only ever does one thing.

  • Don’t worry man just show them your 3 million subs chick love that

  • also learned today we’re the same age

  • 7:02 I'm not so sure about that, at that time they weren't allowed to breathe the same air as the opposite gender

  • Those k-pop girls tho, my goodness 👌

  • Wasn't 2019 the year that Blizzard killed Starcraft 2?

  • Disliked because of blizz sponsor

  • F

  • What was the moral of this story? Lmao

  • The top canadian protoss in the 2012 WCS was DdoRo as far as i can find 🤔

  • I have never felt so proud to be Finnish.

  • I see blackpink in title. I click.

  • This sponsorship aged poorly

  • Your one year younger than me and wanna say I watched a lot of the same EEclone videos you did when EEclone was first coming of age. Keep casually explaining everything my guy 💪

  • Aot

  • He captures the nuance of being a dumb kid playing rtsg perfectly. Also when he used Blackpink for the thumbnail I died hahaha. He better back off though, I thought Lalisa was cute first! Ps the bit about the protoss and rubics cube was fucking great too haha.

  • yes, my life time goal is to become a asian so i can be pro in maths and game.

  • Thanks for the Twitch Prime 😄👌

  • I tried to play ranked and my soul died. Why? I played a game, 45 minutes later i tried atttacking the bae with a few thors and a bunch of marines. The entire. Fucking. Base. Was. Photon Cannons. Like 45+ photon cannons.

  • 0:08 PUNS

  • I would watch him play

  • Casually explained: *Shows sponsors* "didn't expect that one? Me: it's my fourth time seeing that video dude

  • Can we get AoE 2 on mobile

  • big gamer

  • Age of Empires Kreygasm

  • RIP InControl

  • 2:24 really liked the aot reference

  • What is your SC handle?

  • only here bc i saw blackpink

  • "makes you think"

  • so when are they adding a 4th faction to starcraft? dont you think 3 is a bit too few?

  • Hahaha! That sense of humour!! Loved it


  • The warm shark topically launch because cauliflower internationally shave absent a unequal juice. lucky, annoyed vault

  • rip incontrol man

  • 1:57 Guess you’ve never played rocket league then

  • I just wanna know what this dude looks like

  • 1:14 lmao

  • You just made us all watch an entire 8 minute ad completely by choice

  • Thats pretty cool gaming story. I learned a lot about these kind of games from this video. I'm old school 90's fighting games sf2hf mvc sfa2 xvssf tekken 1 to 7

  • honestly, i clicked the video for blackpink, its cool anyways

  • Time to do Starcraft I guess

  • Blizzard?! Ya fuckin mook, look atcha now

  • i’m a simple person. i see k-pop, i click.

  • Finland was mentioned in a casually explained video. Now i can die happy :)

  • 😂😂😂

  • I was only able to play 1 game of Starcraft 2 before my pc blue screened

  • Watched this 1.5 years late, but man was it accurate! Except from the part where I never got out of diamond, and that iNcontrol sadly passed away - rippers :'( I even have a picture with day9 from DreamHack! Those were the good old days!

  • Serral is actually losing all his matches atm

  • "of course I picked Protoss because my previous hobby was Rubik's cubing" *hurriedly puts away cube and unpicks protoss*


  • Yeah, you are man!

  • Casually explain one guy from finland

  • After seeing how he likes to play strategy games in the beginning I wonder if anybody has told him about factorio

  • Imagine if technoblade also become an explainer or some shit like exurb1a

  • Might be a silly question 🙈 but how much of this is true? Did you really beat the 2 best players in the world and then retire immediately? Why not compete for the big money?

  • Casually explained, ysac, and techno are the monotone chaotic trinity

  • Bru this has to be fake

  • That SNSD reference tho

  • 2:24 Is that an Attack On Titan reference?