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Avaldati 16 juuli 2019
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  • Lesson of the day: If you are good at something an asain can do it better

  • Andd the only person to blame ... is the developers 😂

  • Nerd

  • U made it

  • I loved that not only did you beat HuK you beat bomber 2 to 1 I guess you're the best

  • Still play classic RTS games, aoe3 de released!

  • Omg I still play age of empires 2 sometimes

  • who is the FEDORA GUY TELL ME

  • Kpop sucks lol

  • so you sayin you could went pro in Starcarft, but u just left?

  • Sick that you linked the free games, thanks!

  • Sucks that we lost incontrol. RIP

  • You managed to make me wanna play this game

  • Holy shit you were that guy!

  • Reminds me of the potato War

  • why you gotta make me miss SC2

  • 7:48 "all of its expansions" nope, WoL is still free, as it has been for 2 years before this vid was released, but HotS and LotV are still 15€ each.

  • Oi

  • So... You're... 25. Cool. Helpful. Now I know I'm too old to be a wealthy EEcloner.


  • ez for ence

  • Had same experience with SC but i was too nervous to play ranked so I stayed in gold/plat :(((


  • why do you sound like technoblade ??

  • k except casually explain you actually got like top 4 in an absurdly hard game


  • 6:44 Oof. RIP Geoff :(

  • Seeing you and Hartsem in a video together made me very happy.

  • This makes me wants to play straf craft

  • you probs played against my mom lol

  • Clicked for Blackpink...damn

  • not twitch prime, it's prime gaming :(

  • I see blackpink and I click

  • Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!


  • Never since day9 himself have I felt someone embodied my Starcraft experience, but you somehow think War3 was good...

  • Dota 2 Master race here, just wanted to say... no

  • RIP incontrol

  • StarCraft is my favorite game

  • Wow. Someone with a 100% win rate against a pro on Liquid

  • That Serral joke killed me

  • 7:24 Fan aimed directly at your microphone, true man of culture.

  • Bro i was his 3mil sub.

  • 2-1 Lzzzzzzz

  • 5:58 so global vs silver in cs go

  • True this, Casually Explained is the best gamer

  • Casually "but we take those" Explained

  • Imagine in twenty years how many people will make videos like this about fortnite

    • @Nono lol

    • No, please, no.

  • I slapped my phone so hard because I could not play this video, now it is playing. bitchass phone

  • 6:48 Finlaaaaand!

  • I have to point out that the attack on titan info cut was so cool. Me enjoy!

  • 1:04 All the monies in CND. R u a canda dry?

  • In other words sponsored by virgins pretending to be a company and the Chinese government and more virgins pretending to be a company

  • wow snsd 👌

  • Bruh I love Starcraft

  • "iNcontroL and Artosis are still hosting a talk show" fuck dude I'm here for comedy, I didn't need to be hit like that. RIP

  • 2:52 looks like Steppes of War. Best rush distance in the game.

  • I never got out of masters league. Now I'm old and I never can... it hangs over my head each day.

  • That sarcastic "besides Warcraft 3" comment. I'm dying

  • best quit you could have done You could have been better tho

  • americans no you cnat just ban hacks thats infringing on your peoples rights koreans hacks go bo bo

  • is this story true?

  • HAHAAHAHAHAHAAH, 6 HOURS ONLY??? You gotta bump those numbers up kiddo

  • Simp, you are

  • Nice Attack On Titan reference

  • SC 2 never came close to what the orgnial were in korea XD

  • so you were a cuber

  • 0:21 한국인이 왜 돼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Because they are good at Starcraft

  • My low iq wont let me understand starcraft Or any game that requires you to even use your brain a little bit

  • Those protoss probes are so adorable!

  • rip iNcontroL

  • So really casually explained came out on top out of everyone

  • Did you know of LS?

  • Lul

  • :’( InControL RIP

  • Blackpink

  • Guys i cracked the code Casually's age 24 (in 2020)

  • Now rhat i see the thumbnail i understand why k-pop fans are said in the comments

  • I used to love your videos and watching it with ex-gf, now I can't because of traumas I'm sorry I could not support you anymore friend. Keep it up.

  • So this guy is 20 year old

  • Oh my God. Boston Uprising Huk!?

  • you should try league of legends to lose your youth

  • don’t worry man, lots of people haven’t fulfilled their lifetime goal of becoming Korean.

  • What Gear do you use Bro ?

  • And I can't get to silver 2 in r6

  • I didn’t read the title I just saw BlackPink and clicked

  • I havent watched the video *BUT WHY THE HECK IS BLACKPINK ON THE THUMBNAIL*

  • my 5th grade math teacher played pro dota 2 before teaching.

  • Well, i practiced Starcraft II 40 hours a day, beat that. Yes that was a twoset reference.

    • Arjun Suresh Varma twoseters are everywhere!!

    • Ling ling plays all the starcraft games and practices violin 40 hours a day. Smh

  • Oh yes my finland gamer

  • Is this real?

  • This shit cuts deep even now as someone who can't fucking improve no matter how much they want to or how much time they devote to it. I fucking hate myself and suddenly feel vastly inferior to literally everyone.

  • I really hope this is a true story.

  • I was looking foward for your flame match: Casually Explained vs Idra.

  • Is it Harstem at 8:00?

  • 6:50 in which world is complaining about balance reserved for Terran players?

    • It's not reserved for them, but it's a Stereotype with a true core.

  • 7:36 Alright why is nobody talking about this pun Grandmaster in 30 days - day *74*

    • Maybe because that's not a pun?

  • I liked CK2 and total war

  • Okay so now where casually explained: kpop, casually explained: bts and/or casually explained: blackpink.

  • Not a chance you played Age of Empires and C&C but were born in 1996. 1982 is my best guess