Casually Explained: Dangerous Australian Wildlife Tier List

Avaldati 25 sept 2020
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  • I’m manifesting your everlasting success and happiness just because you faded in that spider picture. You’re the best


  • My American friend honestly didn't believe me when I told her you can get the clap from koalas.

  • beaver go *quack*


  • Cheers to John Oliver for teaching me about koala chlamydia.

  • Crocs should be B+ at least

  • Fun fact: at this moment in 30 minutes my wifi will will cut out because telstra is ruining life and whenever that happens I switch to a game for 5 mins till it comes back on.. Then the cycle repeats itself

  • "The trees are literally made out of oil" I swear my soul left my body for a minute and laugh hard along side me.

  • it was the huntsman one that made me go: 'oh... he DOES know what Australia's like'. Cause really, while they are big, no Aussie is ever afraid of one. We usually just take them outside if we find one.

  • "Cause i lived in a house"

  • Trees contain oil? Invasion time.

  • He didnt mention magpies

  • Life subtractor got me rolling

  • Find it hilarious how nz is right next to aus and has none of these. Most dangerous animal would be a wild pig.

  • Bullshjt i live in Florida.

  • The US actually has more deaths by wildlife. Although I can't be certain it's adjusted for population size


  • Hachama liked this

  • Death Adder was the best and creative joke I've heard yet

  • The shark has been very apologetic! Epic line! Lol!

  • Didn't even mention Australia has the most painful plant in the world too

  • why is scott morrison not s tier

  • Telstra was very accurate

  • As a raging arachnophobe whose biggest fear is huntsman spiders (don’t ask me why, I know they’re literally harmless house spiders, there’s just something about their weird spindly legs that freak me out), I heavily appreciate the fade in

  • Oh my, the F tier got me hard

  • What about the gimpy gimpy bush

  • 好看不火系列 i just realized u troll so im ignore

  • You forgot the emus that actually won a war against humans with guns

  • I don't know how and why did I took so f*cking long to find this youtube channel... But now I did, I'm glad

  • Stingray 😭😭 Anyways thank you for representing us along with Fairbairn Films. Us Aussies are blessed to have people like you.

  • nah instead of geting a vpn ill just move to that country every time i want to watch a show thats in a diffrent country

  • Crocodiles literally have not evolved for 10 million years. They are literal dinosaurs

  • studio jibli 🥴 hol up

  • You know you’ve met a true Aussie when they speak about Huntsmans as their pets to keep around so they kill other insects

  • @tierzoo check the tier list what you have to sat

  • You are an absolute god for fading the picture I instead just being like bam huntsman cause they scary to me personally cause I got that tasty arachnophobia

  • 7:23 Steve Irwin :,(

  • This is gold 🙏

  • Viewers: stingrays? Really? STEVE IRWIN: Ahem!!!

  • Lol yah this is so true lol nice vid gotta be careful Of those roos the snakes can go in your house where I live in aussie Drop bears though there dangerous lol there like Nina's

  • how could you forget Taipan:(

  • Lmao the drop bear, I've heard this one before

  • Tasmanian Devils are harmless to humans their mouth tumors have nearly made them go extinct and only infect them and they only eat already dead animals And Wait you were from Tasmania I legit Havent even heard of any youtuber growing up in this wonderful state

  • Best son 2nd place Lmfao

  • Does this vid hav spiders on it?

  • I'm disappointed that the gimpi gimpi isn't mentioned btw gimpi gimpi is also known as the suicide bush

  • Come on Darryl

  • > Doesn't watch anime > Watches Ghibli movies What

  • I live in Australia and this couldn’t be truer

  • Honorable mentions: cassowary, dingo, and emus.

    • Magpies ;)

  • you forgot about magpie

  • No mention of the Gunni or Bunyip!?! you trying to get people killed o.o (lol jk love your show)

  • 4:24 the ones that fly are soon to be queens or males ready to mate then die.

  • So that’s why he called the “jack jumpers” he’s Tasmanian... his 2 heads must share 1 brain hahaha On the main land we call the jumping jacks!

  • funny stuff -

    • platypus stuff - #2:32

  • When he said stingrays I cried

  • That sale tho

  • It's like disguising yourself as a cinnamon roll and hiding from the microwave in the refrigerator...epic!

  • I was a surveyor in Tasmania and Jan was my client. I feel personally attacked!

  • Life subtracter lmaooo im dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😂😂😂😂😂

  • “Onto F tier. This is where all the animals that look scary but are actually really nice and are harmless go” ... “Onto E tier”

  • why won't you marry me

  • I mean da Australian tree do be dangerous but the most dangerous tree is the Vietnamese one

  • What about the cassowary or the Emu or the Australian magpie

  • Your ad segways are the measure of perfection against which all others are compared. I hate the entire world of advertising with a fiery passion, but you make it bearable. Nice work!

  • 2:36 is the hardest I've ever been blue-balled in my life

  • I rewatched this video and then I finally understood the stingrays..

  • F tier:

  • Best son (2nd place) lol

  • Ahh, you are one of the devs

  • I’ve never heard of half the thing on this list and I’m an Australian

  • Lol Tasmanian haha incest joke go brrrr

  • Yes Telstra

  • No magpies?

  • Loved the drop bear reference 😂

  • Skips f teir xd

  • Thanks for fadding the huntsman spider.

  • I absolutely thought the beaver would look at a body of running water and think. "Dam you."

  • My respect for you just maxed out hearing that you lived in Australia! On ya cobber, hope you had no wukkas down here mate, spewing im only just hearing of this. Haha

  • I laughed like 20 full seconds at Life Subtractor.

  • 6:30 umm bro dropbears have red eyes.

  • What about the wild Eshay?

  • the scariest thing is the life subtractor

  • Trees should of been higher. Last year's bushfires season lasted from June 2019 - May2020. It most intense during summer where major cities could smell the smoke from rural areas. Smoke inhalation = death

  • He’s not wrong about Telstra. Worst.

  • Jibli Studios?

  • 7:29 R.I.P.

  • Is that the Saanich flying trampoline?

  • Wait there is supposed to be protective foam on the trampolines

  • Life Subtractor, I'm fucking dead lol.

  • The pause after the F tier...

  • No gimpie-gimpie?

  • The Telstra joke was fantastic

  • I really appreciate you fading the spider

  • that life subtractor joke got me so good lol

  • Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are the best anime films

  • yes

  • OMG you're from Tassie. I live in Launceston. We're basically cousins already

  • Gotta look out for drop bears