Casually Explained: Dangerous Australian Wildlife Tier List

Avaldati 25 sept 2020
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Knuckles is an echidna stop saying Sonic is a hedgehog you don't even know the lore guys did you even own a Dreamcast.
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  • The wombat part is glorious

  • Razer's next mouse: Life Subtractor

  • As a true blue Aussie, I would personally move Telstra to S tier.

  • “The trees are literally made of oil” America: *salivates*

  • Lol the silence after F tier is priceless

  • S for stingrays and Steve Irwin.

  • Kookaburra?

  • Hey, wait, you're a Tassie kid as well? Represent bro. Represent.

  • Mate, you need to let that natural Aussie slur run wild xxx

  • “the trees are literally made of oil” uh oh do you hear that? *american national anthem starts playing*

  • Awesome to hear you're a Ghibli fan, Princess mononoke is my favourite film!!

  • Damn didn’t include the gimpy gimpy plant, otherwise known as pain bush

  • You know you're Australian when you don't put all animals in Australia in S tier

  • Platypus = Perry the Platypus

  • I love the faint background music. It just adds to the atmosphere

  • No Magpies?

  • Telstra is indeed deadly. Though now it has a partner in murder: NBN Co.

  • You forgot Telstra's sadistic older brother - Centrelink

  • “The eucalyptus tree has oil” Usa: •o•

  • Sounds like stimpee when he goes Australian

  • "Life subtractor," X-D

  • can't get chlamydia from koalas btw it's a different strain

  • Where does the Ibus fall? xD

  • let's be real he lived in Tasmania is he really Australian? Nah but jokes aside good video, and a very accurate representation of Australia, especially the drop bears. fuckers are dangerous

  • you know you've lost when the Aussie sun above my head every day decides sunscreen isn't effective enough and then hands you enough radiation to give you 11 types of new undiscovered cancer and enough left over to power the earth for a million years



  • TierZoo sure has gotten darker lately

  • You liar no one in America has ever said beaver go quack We say look it's "a semi aquatic eggling mammal of action" "a furry little flat foot who will never flee from the fraaaaaaaaay" "They have more than just mad skill they have a beaver tail and a bill"

  • Do yourself a favour and watch all the studio ghibli movies EXCEPT earthsea...... Never again

  • This list a is true blue legend!

  • Liked the video for "life subtractor"

  • All through out the video I just hear the accent getting stronger and stronger xD

  • ‘The trees are made of oil’ knock knock its the American military

  • * Mentions stingray * Everyone: *:(*

  • @3:30 Kangaroos need to be moved up a tier. One of their primary defense mechanisms is to drown their attacker, they literally grab other animals and will hold their head under water until it stops moving.

  • "The trees are literally made of oil" America: looks like someone needs some freedom.

  • I’m glad he addressed the drop bears. The deadly buggers are often over looked as dangerous by non-Australians.

  • I'd be really scared seeing a life subtracter passing by

  • Sounds like the oil trees in Australia need some freedom😂

  • Oh wow a Tasmanian. Nice

  • Life Subtracter

  • I'm just wondering how many believed the drop bear exists

  • Even if you took Australia on its side the death adder would still be Midlife Equalizer

  • As someone with arachnophobia, I appreciate your slow fade in of the huntsman spider

  • Yeah i never wanted to go to Australia lol

  • Sting Rays... We all know what happened there... :-( haha

  • Hahah who the fuck is this guy???? Most of this is some funny shit hahah good stuff

  • Hang on are backyard trampolines an Aussie thing?

  • Jumping Jacks

  • It's kinda crazy how it's "some people are allergic" because at one point the immunity to whatever the poison in the jack jumpers was "some people are unallergic." Darwinism at work

  • I don't get the last joke about oil for

  • Everyone: "Australians must be so tough" Me: They lost a war against birds that can't even fly...

  • I like the fact that no one here expected a single F-tier animal to exist in Australia.

  • Have you read Steve Martin's autobiography? It's a good book.

  • omg life subtractor just slayed me. that was one of the funniest things ive ever heard

  • Seeing the stingray automatically makes me think of my boi Steve Irwin

  • “Life subtracter”🤣wild

  • Thanks for the fade.

  • wow no one noticed the tierzoo reference

  • Spider ca. 1:00 to 1:40

  • I’m sorry the first thing every American says when looking at a platypus is “PERRY!!!!”

  • Telstra he he.

  • This was such an entertaining video. The very fact that Wombats could run 40km per hour really cracked me up. I still wouldn't touch those spiders though. Thanks for making my day and hope you create more. Koalas are the very best!

  • UK list: Red deer (spikey antlers) Swans ("can break your arm" apparently!) Stining nettles and thistles.

  • When i skipped F tier, i died

  • Dude if you have a problem with stone fish don't come to Sweden...

  • I'm never going to Australia. NEVER

  • Shouldn't Snakes be in S tier? Is it because they didn't end a wildlife specialist?

  • Drop a new video god damn it

  • The trees are being burnt to prevent the Vietnamese from using them

  • You forgot to mention politicians and Pauline Hanson

  • When Americans born in the 2000s see a platypus they think “He’s a semi aquatic egg laying mammal of action”

  • I always laugh at the, “in Australia they make it very clear. Wombats have a top speed of 40 km an hour and the weak will be left behind.” part. For context: 0:19 For just the quote: 0:28

  • You forgot about magies, cassowaries, and black widows

  • Don’t do Steve like that ;-;

  • he missed socialism in S tier 😹😹☠️

  • those f’ing jack jumpers are scary

  • The spiders are the sole reason why I will never visit Australia

  • "Telstra [...] they make you want to kill yourself" I lost it, Telstra are garbage.

  • Australia: *exists* Fire: it’s free real eastate

  • Thank you so much for that fade in, fuck spiders

  • Yes, but where does perry the platypus fit on this list

  • 7:56 S tier, for skin cancer

  • “Life Subtractor”...had to pause the video to laugh

  • No magpies?

  • In Brazil, there's a specific spider that, upon stinging you, can give you a boner that can last up to 9 hours, which than can result on erectile dysfunction. That is in case you survive, obviously

  • The trees are made of oil. The USA: 🚨🚨⚠️⚠️🚁🚁🔫🔫

  • mate where are possums once i left food out in a closed container overnight and the next day all the food was gone as well as the container being in bits on the ground... the area was full of possums

  • 5:35 that's bars

  • Knuckles the Echidna guards the master emeralds, not the chaos emeralds

  • 1:28

  • he fades in the spider but not the jack jumper? i was scared for a second

  • Even the ads are enjoyable. Now seriously! ExpressVPN pay this guy!

  • You had me at huntsman spiders being E tier

  • "safe from girls and the sun.... And the virus thing

  • Who else came here just to hear him cuss in an Australian accent? 🙋‍♀️

  • As an Australian I can confirm that we do in fact wrestled a couple crocodiles along the way to school

  • C'e qualcosa a cui pensare: replicata da fonti straniere, la ricerca moderna, che e un vivido esempio del tipo di cultura politica dell'Europa continentale, sara trasformata in uno zimbello, sebbene la loro stessa esistenza porti indubbi benefici alla societa. C'e un punto di vista controverso, che recita approssimativamente quanto segue: replicata da fonti estranee, la ricerca moderna si mescola a dati non univoci al punto da essere completamente irriconoscibili, il che aumenta il loro stato di inutilita.🤩 すでに何度も述べたように、政治プロセスの要素は、そのレベルに関係なく、完全に認識できなくなるまで、一意でないデータと混合する必要があります。これにより、政治プロセスの役に立たない状態が増加します。幅広い資産の相談は、既存の行動パターンの分析をテストするための興味深い実験です。

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