Casually Explained: YouTube

Avaldati 20 apr 2018
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In this video we look at a bit of EEclone's history, followed by what's currently going on in the youtube scene, and I give my 2 cents on the current creative and consumer environment.
And shit it's Lofi beats to relax/study to I fucked it up
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  • If the urban dictionary was turned into a youtube channel

  • I mean the joke honestly wasn’t that bad

  • like if in 2021 for no apparent fucking reason

  • That bag milk joke got me

  • I made a youtube video that was banned in North Korea, Syria and Iraq so now I can't make any money

  • They do sell milk in a bag. A long long time ago in China. The texture of the bag would be as strong as the plastic packaging for the bolts and washers, and you would stab it with a straw and drink from the pouch. And I remembered they kept it in a pot of warm water before selling them during winter.

  • people who watch logan paul videos get them intentionally by yt because ppl that watch logan paul need to get laid

  • Seriously though, I watched 1 video about a power drill and now I see at least 3 power drill videos in my recommendations per day.

  • That logan paul and condom joke was GOLD....and underappreciated

  • "fully-automatic magazine"

  • 1:34

  • Casually Explained: Shit, Shower, and Shave. Literally everybody does all 3 of those things. Me: How bout 1

  • Odysee is better

  • Here after massive google server outage happened on 14th December 2020(GMT+5:30)

  • This aged well


  • Is that the Walshy MLG video?

  • When I went to Canada on holiday I thought it was so weird that they had milk in a back and drinks from cans, but that was in Ottawa and Quebec . I live in Alberta now, so I'm not sure if they still di that or if it's only in those regions

  • He voice sounds the slightest bit like a monotone Jacksfilms.

  • Just in case you don’t know what EEclone is you can watch this video on EEclone

  • The adaptable smile hemperly count because egg utrastructurally harm in a observant kimberly. bitter, obedient snail

  • nah yt recommends good videos if you let it but use adblock bc ads suck now

  • Wait Your Australian, same

  • Cambridge 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I didn't even realize this was a powerpoint.

  • When kid casually explained came up i thought i was watching the big lez show

  • You should do a casually explained: twitch

  • very accurate

  • How to be ninja hit me right in the feels



  • How to explain EEclone in one word: unfair.

  • I just hope Charlies talks with Susan will change some these aspects of youtube.

  • I god damn love this channel

  • the first time I didn't loath hearing a word from our sponsor, "not cassettes" made me choke up a bit

  • Competition for EEclone? Not gonna happen. They will just destroy the competition through shady means.

  • 0:28 I watched all the misheard lyrics so much nostalgia

  • he legit made a dollar shave club ad funny

  • No one talking about him wearing Steve clothes?

  • 1:33 Honestly, I pretty much lost it at this joke, so don't feel too bad xD At least someone enjoyed it.

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  • Your sponsor clip could be more interesting to watch 🤣

  • Channels like Dunkey and Kuzegrsjhrbsjfbbfjgnat is the embodiment of good content

  • RIP mini clip

  • Mate, your videos are so good that when I give them a like at the end, it actually removes the like I gave them halfway.

  • his australian accent 😹😹😹😹💀

  • Hearing this guy speak in his Australian voice sounds so much more normal

  • ❤️ the whole video but, BEST PROMO EVER.

  • but youtube aren´t just demonetizing videos. Since a few months they are deleting videos and channels like crazy.

  • That was a bitchin' first joke and you totally know it.

  • 7/10 with rice

  • The sponsorship was just as funny as the rest of the video.

  • As an australian, the aussie accent is pretty good aye. Best part is that I'm the only race in the world that can still hear canadian in it

    • he was born in Australia moved when he was 12 to canada

  • you can tell hes canadian because he said "fully automatic magazine"

  • Your style is so refined and the animation is really smooth

  • That was the most entertaining plug I've ever heard. This is how advertising should be. Bravo man.

  • 1:04 really young ian and anthony :))

  • This video was published on Hitler's birthday. Also my friend's birthday. And 4/20.

  • 2:24 Vsause music.

  • FACE 👏🏻 REVEAL 👏🏻

  • Facebook failed on this.

  • " the moment the most likely competitor seems to be Facebook..." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Are we sure that clip of Casually Explained with an Australian accent isn’t just Brady from Numberphile? It sounds a lot like him (and I can totally see him talking about that on Hello Internet)

  • What a noob No dark mode

  • Damn he flexing his OG status

  • why does kid casual look like he has a beard

  • We’re gonna need someone to find that Australia clip from when he was 12

  • Australia bois

  • Somewhere out there on EEclone is a super cringed attempt at comedy I made when I was 12. I don’t remember the name of the video or the username I used. But I hope it stays buried.

  • film Theory

  • As someone who is exclusively a content consumer. I'd say things for the most part have gotten worse Almost nothing counts as 'advertiser friendly' and it harms youtubers' ability to bring content to us.

  • still waiting for that secret channel

  • Ya llegaron a argentina estos videos.

  • If the condom part was intended to roast Logan Paul than that was the best joke I’ve ever heard

  • "here"s an ad of condom"

  • omg how to be ninja i remember that

  • EEclone is an evil company. Investors ought to run for their lives.

  • He would’ve been the cutest little kid. 💕💕

  • Of i watch a logan paul video google gives me an ad for condoms hmm of only logans dad saw it

  • Who is the guy with the rubiks cube at 1:03 I’d love to watch his videos again he taught me how to do it when I was a kid

  • Beautiful Australian accent

  • 1:37 oh my god, that’s a perfect Australian accent. I was not expecting that based on the fact that most people get it completely wrong bro I’m shook.

  • You have the best Australian accent I’ve ever heard from someone who isn’t Australian

    • @big boinka burrito oh yeah i forgot he actually is lmao

    • he is Australian

  • Let the bodies hit the- F L O O O O O R R ! ! ! ! !

  • wow, you totally sound like a normal canadian, couldn't have guessed you grew up in australia at all!

  • 4:20 I love how you showed a lot my favourite channels, props for good taste

  • the logan paul condom ad was highly underrated

  • Well, 2 years later same situation here... hope it changes soon.

  • 2:04 you can hear him hold back his laugh

  • 5:11 an ad for something his dad shoulda used

  • why did you lose your aussie accent?

  • the dunkey video thumbnail killed me

  • I love how he said that advertisement stuff us useless and nobody cares but been sponsored in that video

  • The rival is actually tiktok 2020

  • Charlie is a 'one and done' kinda guy.

  • You were in Australia?!?!!! I’m from Australia that’s just insane

  • Anyone notice his subscription feed?

  • this video couldve been two seconds saying "bad"

  • omg you said australia correctly

  • 15:12-15:21 ouch!!!!!