Casually Explained: YouTube

Avaldati 20 apr 2018
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In this video we look at a bit of EEclone's history, followed by what's currently going on in the youtube scene, and I give my 2 cents on the current creative and consumer environment.
And shit it's Lofi beats to relax/study to I fucked it up
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  • 7/10 with rice

  • The sponsorship was just as funny as the rest of the video.

  • As an australian, the aussie accent is pretty good aye. Best part is that I'm the only race in the world that can still hear canadian in it

  • you can tell hes canadian because he said "fully automatic magazine"

  • Your style is so refined and the animation is really smooth

  • That was the most entertaining plug I've ever heard. This is how advertising should be. Bravo man.

  • 1:04 really young ian and anthony :))

  • This video was published on Hitler's birthday. Also my friend's birthday. And 4/20.

  • 2:24 Vsause music.

  • FACE 👏🏻 REVEAL 👏🏻

  • Facebook failed on this.

  • " the moment the most likely competitor seems to be Facebook..." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Are we sure that clip of Casually Explained with an Australian accent isn’t just Brady from Numberphile? It sounds a lot like him (and I can totally see him talking about that on Hello Internet)

  • What a noob No dark mode

  • Damn he flexing his OG status

  • why does kid casual look like he has a beard

  • We’re gonna need someone to find that Australia clip from when he was 12

  • Australia bois

  • Somewhere out there on EEclone is a super cringed attempt at comedy I made when I was 12. I don’t remember the name of the video or the username I used. But I hope it stays buried.

  • film Theory

  • The yellow caffeine vitamin water is the nectar of the fucking gods. It can save you when the only coffee around is fucking garbage. How Dare You!

  • As someone who is exclusively a content consumer. I'd say things for the most part have gotten worse Almost nothing counts as 'advertiser friendly' and it harms youtubers' ability to bring content to us.

  • still waiting for that secret channel

  • Ya llegaron a argentina estos videos.

  • If the condom part was intended to roast Logan Paul than that was the best joke I’ve ever heard

  • "here"s an ad of condom"

  • omg how to be ninja i remember that

  • EEclone is an evil company. Investors ought to run for their lives.

  • He would’ve been the cutest little kid. 💕💕

  • Of i watch a logan paul video google gives me an ad for condoms hmm of only logans dad saw it

  • Who is the guy with the rubiks cube at 1:03 I’d love to watch his videos again he taught me how to do it when I was a kid

  • Beautiful Australian accent

  • 1:37 oh my god, that’s a perfect Australian accent. I was not expecting that based on the fact that most people get it completely wrong bro I’m shook.

  • You have the best Australian accent I’ve ever heard from someone who isn’t Australian

  • Let the bodies hit the- F L O O O O O R R ! ! ! ! !

  • wow, you totally sound like a normal canadian, couldn't have guessed you grew up in australia at all!

  • 4:20 I love how you showed a lot my favourite channels, props for good taste

  • How could you have moved between two places that don’t exist

  • the logan paul condom ad was highly underrated

  • Well, 2 years later same situation here... hope it changes soon.

  • 2:04 you can hear him hold back his laugh

  • 5:11 an ad for something his dad shoulda used

  • why did you lose your aussie accent?

  • the dunkey video thumbnail killed me

  • I love how he said that advertisement stuff us useless and nobody cares but been sponsored in that video

  • The rival is actually tiktok 2020

  • Charlie is a 'one and done' kinda guy.

  • You were in Australia?!?!!! I’m from Australia that’s just insane

  • Anyone notice his subscription feed?

  • this video couldve been two seconds saying "bad"

  • omg you said australia correctly

  • 15:12-15:21 ouch!!!!!

  • do a house dust reveal

  • I am buying from dollar shave club. I don't have a beard but one wipe charlie might be useful when I notice my girl is on her period a tad late

  • bro you only need like two fuckin years for a perfect bogan accent that’s all it took me

  • I knew there was something up with your voice...

  • I see you too have good tastes in videos. I legit am subscribed to at least half of those alone

  • minoxidil my friend. put it on your face. it works

  • I got back into skateboard and Trojan said: allow me to introduce myself

  • Yes. You made a shout-out to Captain Disillusion! And you were factually correct, he makes good content. I only say this because he is very underrated. It took me years to just hear of him and take a look. If this is you, go to his channel and watch.... You're welcome. Edit: correction your to you're.

  • I never knew you had to rate with stars back then...

  • i genuinely laughed at the "milk in a bag" joke

  • "Hmm I wonder where you find the milk... Oh yeah I know, next to the cigarettes!" Ah yes, the dad corner

  • That milk joke is top-tier

  • I mean, I remember back in 2012 when I was watching super mmos with their " is AGAINST SUPER POWERFUL WITHER!!!!!! "

  • Isn't it poetic that your subscriber plaque had the wrong name?

  • More!!!!!!

  • Remember when Facebook was a thing? Exaaactly

  • Is the dollar shave club ad real?

  • wow. what a joke. funny

  • I am th 3042069 view

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🥛 in a 💼

  • 4:12 "...when no rational person actually cares" There are many parents esspecially in USA who are not rational.

  • Back to back unskippable ads. About politics and streaming services Video game or music previews? nah, here's a skip ad ...oh btw, you can pay to get rid of these man, I just wanted to watch this guy snort ants

  • “Back then I used to be young” Same dude

  • hearing him say Australia correctly is so jarring

  • Why you have to spread your arms all the time...? Just drop them down.

  • That was a fairly good Aussie accent

    • He moved to Australian to American is not that hard but I probably wouldn’t know since I haven’t move there though

    • Must have had American parents

    • It’s because he said he lived in Australia till twelve

  • At first I thought the dollar shave club promo was part of the explanation of youtube

  • Its quite funny how videos can have a sponser and youtube is like "no advertiser would ever want that crap"

  • most good content isnt in all cals

  • I miss the old youtube...

  • Stick animation videos!!!!!

  • So you lost your Aussie accent and took up a North American accent? You philistine!

  • 2 years later that milk joke would be peak comedy

  • 👌

  • Misheard lyrics sent me because it was the numa numa video

  • I love how Facebook videos put the ad in the middle of the song.


  • he got emotion, no one is talking about how he displayed some emotion after the first joke

    • it’s the first thing i’ve noticed and i keep on playing that part over and over lol

  • Lol I only get adds for things I’ve already bought or am confirmed going to buy. Then occasionally I’ll get an ad for something completely unrelated to me like diapers. Okay fine they’re related to me

  • Don't use wet wipes when wiping your ass, it's impossible to filter them in the filtration plant

  • you sound exactly like darren levy with your australian accent

  • Saying ‘Grocery Store’ in an Aussie accent is a fucking sin

  • Video was so good I was retained through the ad

  • 1:37 a prodigy of comedy

  • Anyone else eating granola in their office when he said, "some guy at the office who eats a lot of granola"

  • 5:02 that site still works?

  • Wait these videos are fucking POWERPOINTS???

  • This video aged like the finest glass of sour milk