Casually Explained: The Spectrum of Intelligence

Avaldati 18 juuli 2016
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  • 0:19 wtf!!

  • just casually explaining yourself to be a fuckin anti-semite...

  • So I’ve been binging your channel for the last hour and I’m so grateful I bumped into your content. Thank you 😌

  • Gifted individuals are supposed to be good at social situations? I was certified gifted as a child and am one of the most socially inept people you will find.

  • He burned Jessica with that "a triangle" lmao Pyramid scheme

  • i guess im just stupid not lazy

  • I'm not a jew🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • *sees fucks with ducks *likes video

  • The end got me!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • eyy complete the code for function swim and checkifeaten at 0:19

  • You ACTUALLY sounded like Morgan freeman🤣

  • “If you thought dropping your kid in the dolphin enclosure was fun...” Oh no Rip Harambe

  • This guy and sam o nella are the guys who teach me everything

  • 2:00 I felt personally attacked by this

  • Otters use rocks which should rank them

  • Paused for the jellyfish C++ code at 0:20 and was delighted by the nugget of joy that was.

  • The haircut one OH MY it hit the stop ;_; im that guy

  • cool it with the antisemitc remarks

  • While I may be more intelligent than a jelly fish, I unfortunately invested those extra intelligence to feel depression.

  • Him, at the end of the video : - oink oink oink oink oink EEclone English subtitles : - franck ribéry quickly

  • "I'm not a Jew." - Casually Explained 2016

  • am jelyfsh

  • Being able to request a haircut without rehearsing before hand. That hit home

  • Why did you have to make that last joke? It made me really uncomfortable and even if it were meant ironic, many low key antisemites won´t take it that way and feel encouraged. Why just why? It made me really uncomfortable -.-

    • Because dark humour is like food; not everyone gets it.

  • I can turn wine into bad decisions

  • He did NOT just make that Harambe joke

  • Here's my hot-take: Intelligence is a talent. Talents are freebies we're all born with to some degree - People who happen to have more of it have done _jack shit_ to earn it. Talent does not deserve praise or respect. There's not a lot of things I find more off-putting than someone clearly coasting on talent alone. You can recognize them by their smug aura of unearned superiority and their showboating. I used to be like that myself, that's how I know. We should admire hard work, skill and dedication way more than we do.

  • "I'm not a jew"

  • "the best way to give up on your dreams is to type them on youtube done by a 5 year old chinese girl" My youtube history after this: - 5 year old chinese girl starts a revolution -5 year old chinese girl becomes a president -5 year old chinese girl starts WWIII

  • It’s not my fault I have no idea what hair would look good, and even if I did, further have no idea how I would/should convey it to my barber.

  • you do know mice and rats are super smart right?

  • 4 years old and I still feel the need to comment about the mouse cord sticking out the back of the mouse.

  • [Insert unoriginal joke: "Are you sure about that?"]

  • The red niece histochemically list because paint byerly arrest apud a sparkling november. beneficial, handsomely knickers

  • this is when his videos were accually educational

  • "Been coding in binary since I was 8[...]" Wait, you mean literally typing 1's and 0's!? What a massive waste of your time!

    • That's why the program is still not finished ;)

  • Monke become civilize

  • I always tell people I have an IQ of 153 (which I do) but purposely before, or after I have done something stupid. Just to make it even funnier. And also, my high IQ doesn't mean I'm actually smart, I consider myself to be pretty damn stupid actually.

  • are we gonna talk about the cable of the mouse?

  • Solid Morgan Freeman voice ✊ or Tay Zonday still though, ✊

  • That Morgan Freeman voice lmao

  • The last one took tenth of a second to be was great!

  • 🤓

  • 3:23 *thats_racist.jpg*

  • if your iq is 130+, the absolute difference between you and mediocre person is greater than between that person and clinical idiot. So you can have fun of that person, call it stupid names and shit in all other forms, like it's elementary school. But if your iq is 130+ you probably already knew that

  • I wish this video was 20 min long

  • Fkn smoked him in the 100m

  • "I found that the easiest way to give up on your dreams...." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • yo sea otters use tools too

  • Brave on the Jew comment son

  • mice phhhhwww krkrkrk

  • Fun fact elephants are smarter than dolphins

  • IQ very gud

  • The longest edge world record done by a 5 year old Chinese girl

  • he's such a savage tho

  • Genious

  • "Done by a 5 year old Chinese girl"

  • I'm I the only one who can hear his Austrian accent bleed through sometimes

  • The gorilla looks like it’s mid-twerk lmao

  • im not a jew excuse me

  • I liked that piece of code you wrote xD

  • 135 ain't that high

  • “Google hire me please” lmao

  • Can we all agree that flat earthers and anti-vaxxers should be on the left? Although maybe that would be insulting to jellyfish.

  • This is a very bad set of conclusions to believe in.

    • Almost like... no it couldn’t be... but just maybe... a joke...?

  • "I'm not a jew." 😅

  • Biggest mistake you made there is comparing a broad term such as intelligence, but dont worry youll be wrong many..many times in your life, trick is not to let ppl notice that and percieve you as a dumbass

  • Autism is also a pretty big part of intelligence. Low-level Autism is like taking all your intelligence points and investing them in one topic, while leaving others completely unleveled. So an Autist could be very smart, but be extremely socially awkward.

  • That jelly fish code brings a smile on my face

  • 0:19 That C code hurts my brain so much

  • A jew he says bahahahahahaahq

  • you seem to have forgoten the redditor

  • smoked his lame ass

  • 3:19 you underestimate the power of those *WHEELS*

  • He understands we're of a superior intelligence

  • Ironically, dog is more intelligent than my ex. More loyal too, and more coherent.

  • Gifted people Me: "Hey I get straight A's a lot!" "Intense and prolonged focus" Me: "nevermind"

  • The comment about Jesus and you not being a Jew killed me I do not condone anti semitism don't hurt me I'm part Jewish

  • As a jew, I must say: lucky fucking bastard

  • If you're curious about chemtrails look up Weather Seeding. Governments literally drop chems in the air to change weather, kinda wild

  • I haven't been able to find a video of a 5 year-old chinese girl deadlifting 800lbs so if anyone could share a link that would be nice. Or maybe it's just so common that they don't bother filming those videos.

    • @Rabo Karabekian i'm acually a 9 year old chinese girl and no i do not live in china and cant do einstein maths

    • @Collin Sepulveda lmao

    • @lynxCS if you do that with your intelligence you're practically charles xavier

    • Link me a video of you deadlifting 800lbs using your inteligence

  • Octopuses are one of the smartest animals, as if they were the most unintelligent!!!

  • Bruh it's hot af in in here 🔥🔥🔥😈 burned his into the ashtray.

  • Jew line GOT ME

  • Elephants have empathy, probably knowledge of minds other than their own (they have graveyards), and tool use. They have everything needed for true sentience. The only reason we don’t consider them sentient is because they never evolved complex language. Dolphins either lack empathy, or are sadists. Octopi have high intelligence but don’t live long enough to develop it beyond that of an ape.

  • Uhh, dolphins and elephants are actually both smarter gorillas. Gorillas are very smart but not the second smartest compared to humans.

  • Anything you think you're good at, a Chinese kid can do it better

  • I'm not a jew Hitler has subscribed to your channel

  • I am not a jew

  • RIP Harambe #NeverForget

  • R.I.P. Harambe

  • Ranch on pizza is fantastic

  • My IQ is 102%

  • Orangutans are smarter than gorillas and dolphins have a high chance of killing your baby if your dropped it in their habitat

  • dude predicted karen even before karen was a thing.

  • “Jesus could turn water into wine.... I’m not a Jew” I audibly Ooooo’d

  • 1:55 OHHH!!!!!

  • I bet jellyfish never would’ve thought humans would exist

  • I'm at the bottom

  • You could hear him debating in his head whether the last joke was gonna get him flamed or not and he was just like "fuck it"