Casually Explained: The Spectrum of Intelligence

Avaldati 18 juuli 2016
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  • 135 ain't that high

  • “Google hire me please” lmao

  • Can we all agree that flat earthers and anti-vaxxers should be on the left? Although maybe that would be insulting to jellyfish.

  • This is a very bad set of conclusions to believe in.

  • "I'm not a jew." 😅

  • Biggest mistake you made there is comparing a broad term such as intelligence, but dont worry youll be wrong many..many times in your life, trick is not to let ppl notice that and percieve you as a dumbass

  • Autism is also a pretty big part of intelligence. Low-level Autism is like taking all your intelligence points and investing them in one topic, while leaving others completely unleveled. So an Autist could be very smart, but be extremely socially awkward.

  • If a smart person is ACTING smart he is dump and if a smart person is ACTING dump he is actually smart

  • That jelly fish code brings a smile on my face

  • 0:19 That C code hurts my brain so much

  • A jew he says bahahahahahaahq

  • you seem to have forgoten the redditor

  • smoked his lame ass

  • 3:19 you underestimate the power of those *WHEELS*

  • He understands we're of a superior intelligence

  • Ironically, dog is more intelligent than my ex. More loyal too, and more coherent.

  • Gifted people Me: "Hey I get straight A's a lot!" "Intense and prolonged focus" Me: "nevermind"

  • The comment about Jesus and you not being a Jew killed me I do not condone anti semitism don't hurt me I'm part Jewish

  • As a jew, I must say: lucky fucking bastard

  • If you're curious about chemtrails look up Weather Seeding. Governments literally drop chems in the air to change weather, kinda wild

  • I haven't been able to find a video of a 5 year-old chinese girl deadlifting 800lbs so if anyone could share a link that would be nice. Or maybe it's just so common that they don't bother filming those videos.

  • Octopuses are one of the smartest animals, as if they were the most unintelligent!!!

  • Bruh it's hot af in in here 🔥🔥🔥😈 burned his into the ashtray.

  • Jew line GOT ME

  • Elephants have empathy, probably knowledge of minds other than their own (they have graveyards), and tool use. They have everything needed for true sentience. The only reason we don’t consider them sentient is because they never evolved complex language. Dolphins either lack empathy, or are sadists. Octopi have high intelligence but don’t live long enough to develop it beyond that of an ape.

  • Uhh, dolphins and elephants are actually both smarter gorillas. Gorillas are very smart but not the second smartest compared to humans.

  • Anything you think you're good at, a Chinese kid can do it better

  • I'm not a jew Hitler has subscribed to your channel

  • 3:16 hold on

  • I am not a jew

  • RIP Harambe #NeverForget

  • R.I.P. Harambe

  • Ranch on pizza is fantastic

  • My IQ is 102%

  • Orangutans are smarter than gorillas and dolphins have a high chance of killing your baby if your dropped it in their habitat

  • dude predicted karen even before karen was a thing.

  • “Jesus could turn water into wine.... I’m not a Jew” I audibly Ooooo’d

  • 1:55 OHHH!!!!!

  • I bet jellyfish never would’ve thought humans would exist

  • I'm at the bottom

  • You could hear him debating in his head whether the last joke was gonna get him flamed or not and he was just like "fuck it"

  • I have an ex that would routinely tell me how much of a genius she is. She wasn't dumb by any means. But certainly not a genius. Every time she said "I am actually at least nearing genius level" I wanted to say that a hall mark of the most intelligent people is that they go around telling people how smart they are XD.

  • That was the most insecure "I'm not a jew" I've ever heard. I'm not ani semetic but cmon put some heart into it.

  • What people think is impressive: *5 year old plays hard piano song* What actually is impressive and totally not that i just want to feel good about myself: *6 Year old drifts e190 perfectly*

  • 3:16

  • then we have deji with his dumb high 189 IQ

  • Ah yes, Turkish subtitles.

  • The essential oils girl, accurate.

  • Starting a company after pre-Calc? That might not even get you into a college.

  • You forgot Karen's, feminazis and my mother

  • I'm not personally offended, but I sometimes wonder if people would react in the same casual way to a joke where he says: "at least I'm not a muslim". I don't think they would and that's sad.

  • >While animals come in many different shapes and sizes and I cum in many animals

  • "-fuckswithducks"

  • the ending is so adorable i cant

  • Lmao last jokes killed me 😂😂😂

  • So, did Google hire him yet???

  • Elephants are just as smart as primates and dolphins and you forgot parrots and corvids

  • I can turn wine into water for me atleast

  • “The best way to give up on your dreams is to type them into the EEclone search bar followed by done by a 5 year old Chinese girl” Ahh yes the classic poem; Roses are red, Violets are blue, There is always an Asian who is better than you

    • David Willis I bet a 5 years old chinese girl is better at being a 5 years old chinese girl than you

    • There might be a few 5 year old chinese girls who can do things better than me but there's probably over 5 million of them and I bet the only thing most of them do better than me is speak Chinese (and use chopsticks and ...)

  • 3:32 got me

  • Jews don't believe in Jesus. It's Christians that believe you can turn water into wine...

  • An IMAX documentary has no black bars at the top and bottom. That’s like the whole point.

  • i expected elon musk to be on the right but im not disappointed

  • Geniuses are born not created

  • Fuckin smoked him

  • Rats are actually very intelligent

  • I plugged a USB stick into a PC last week on the first try. True story.

  • Your IMACS voice was amazing

  • I thought I was smart when I paused the video to read and understand the Jellyfish source code... Then I realized it had taken me over 4 minutes...

  • Im not a jew

  • So no one is gonna talk about the “everyone on the internet between 15 and 21” line? Like what is he trying to say with that?

  • You forgot about parrots lmao

  • fyi orangutans have been observed using tools

  • Worms are actually pretty smart but okay

  • WTF! Dont use int=1 or int=0! Use bool=true or bool=false! Google wont hire you like that. Also the main() and swim() functions shold be void, not int!

    • @HACKER 3000 I know but doing it this way is still very much common practice. There might be compiler/system specific default errorcodes that need main to be int to work. This way main has a way to tell the system (and by extension you) how/why it crashed, if it does. Not an expert on jellyfish architecture tho :D

    • @Daniel Schroedinger huh never thought of it this way. The main func will allways return 0 tho, and i dont think, the return value is being evaluated anyways

    • He was coding in C, which is a good fit for a low performance embedded system like a jellyfish. In ANSI C89 , the real oldschool stuff, bool doesn't exist. Using int is the correct way to do it. Also int main is common in C and even C++ since you might need a return value for termination. Typically you have them return 0 on success and use other values as error codes. So yeah, this is fine. He fucked up the indentation on the closing bracket of the while loop but other than that this seems okay, just written in an ancient language (which one actually might reliastically pick here).

  • Shouldn't the noteaten variable be a boolean to make it as light as possible?

  • About IQ, it's genetic differences but much more importantly it's nutrition and education. If you were a malnourished child who never went to school then your genetic potential for intelligence never doesn't get a chance to develop properly IQ debate people always seem to forget that fact

  • Where’s the Florida men???

  • After he said it I tried searching and there weren't really any videos of five year old Chinese kids acing physics and engineering. So some hope there, I guess. But it did also look like there were still little kids out there who can crush mathematics, so yeah maybe I'll give up.

  • pshhh, everyone knows mice are actually the most intelligent animal on earth. They ordered the planet to be built by the Magratheins you know. No I'm not high, but I can't tell you if Douglas Adams was or not.

  • is the thumbnail a mushroom???

  • @0:19 I never knew Casually Explained studied software engineering, his persona makes MUCH MORE SENSE now! Edit: @1:30 ok maybe not 😅

  • Dicks out..

  • Birbs:am I joke to you

  • Octopi actually can use tools

  • Got a “gifted” IQ score after being tested. Probably proof that that IQ tests are broken. I’m literally the least intelligent person I know. Literally just barely passing my classes. You do the math, cuz god knows I can’t. All I wanted was an accurate score and I couldn’t even get that.

  • "developing microservices done by a 5 years old chinese girl" - ha, that didn't work!

  • I wanna be a pornstar should I still look that up or?

  • "Elephants can be trained as war animals" *shows Rome Total War* Yeah, if you can ever find any on the map

  • Can we just talk about how the cord on the mouse at 0:33 is on the wrong side of the mouse?

  • I'm actually very intelligence and read a lot, how did he get Morgan Freeman to read that one line?!? Amazing!

  • My family always says I’m smart ,though this is not a good thing it is ultimately terrible because they not only place there faith in me but also raise there expectation of me and that is more freightening than the world ending

  • I can turn a glass of wine into an empty glass

  • He is animal racist.

  • When Jesus turned water into wine, how many people were already drunk?

  • My boi did the elephant dirty

  • what you say about worms again?

  • "Smoked him in the hundred meters" that killed me😂😂

  • I have a blue tongue skink. When I was researching about them before getting mine, I learned they are “friendly and intelligent”. I didn’t realize they meant friendly and intelligent for a lizard. I know this video isn’t about lizards, but, I just remembered that.

  • Lol chemtrails are now mainstream fact 🤣