Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts

Avaldati 9 veebr 2018
And he makes the big return on his bday!
Fair number of people mentioning the spelling of extravert as extrovert, which is much more common and I probably should have used it in hindsight, but for context, extravert with an A is usually preferred for the "I'm doing a psych report" format, while extrOvert is more common in everyday common use to mean outgoing.
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  • I guess I like being with people not because I am extrovert, but because I'm lonely.

  • Oh boy I'm not doing anything on Sunday sent me

  • Why do introverts always start off a comment saying "I'm an introvert". I rarely ever see extroverts in the comments say "I'm an extrovert." It really feels like they just try to diminish an extrovert's personality and who they are as a person. Don't get me wrong, I ain't saying yall are bad people, but why do y'all do that?


  • I can't talk correctly or think up conversations when socially tired. As an introvert, I also get physically tired from conversing too much.

  • 1:10 i fucking choked on my ice cream holy fuck😂😂💀💀

  • I consider myself an extrovert, but behaves like an introvert because I have a hard time trusting others, and I used to feel like a burden to everyone around me.

  • Me is an AMBIVERT

  • It's stupid how everyone assumes introverts are enjoying quarantine.

    • I know I am

    • I mean as an introvert, I'm loving quarantine I do miss sleepovers with my friends but that's about it

  • Me: Laughing in Cognitive Functions

  • I did a test to see what I am and I got 97% introverted

  • Not introverted Just don't like humans in general

  • I need a refresher casually explained is friends with Sam from "Sam ONella academy" Right?

  • Omg I used this thumbnail for my project for school. I had no idea that this was apart of your video. I just found the photo on google and saw this vid. What a coincidence!

  • Well then I identify as an outrovertverty

  • Are you guys actually an introvert or have you been ignored every time you talked so you prefer being quiet?

  • I thins im a FUGtrovert

  • Introvert is living their life now and extroverts are freaking out in lockdown

  • I prefer spending my time alone. But I'd say I'm an extrovert because I like to talk alot and if i went on a movie date I would probably talk too much resulting in my date telling me "shush" at which point I would realize I have failed the mission of being charismatic. (and my biggest fear is loosing my tongue so I can't eat as-)

  • Is the misspelled "extravert" intentional? Lol

  • This channel can teach me stuff in minutes while it takes 2 hours for teacher, yet teacher get paid more This is a fair world

  • You know all those articles like 'your introverted? Heres how to be more social' I want a article that says. 'your extroverted? Here how to shut up'

  • Im an extrovert without friends

  • I dont need a label

  • 0:25 I understood that reference.

  • This bruddas like a more chill and sophisticated version of grade a under a

  • I can guarantee that 90% of people watching are introverts including me

  • 2:10 to 2:18 Fo sho

  • I love the subtle biases lmao

  • People shouldn't box themselves into these two definitions. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy by your own sub-conscious mind. For the longest time, I thought I was an introvert, so I was. Turns out, I just get easily exhausted with people I don't like. Surrounded by people or strangers I gravitate towards, I am seen as an extrovert. Now I see it as a shifting scale. Don't box yourself, and don't use it as an excuse for poor behaviour, because the world deserve the best you. Example: Don't use Introversion as an excuse not to catch up with friends, and don't use Extraversion as an excuse to exclude others. Who you perceive to be an extravert, actually feels similar anxiety when socialising, they just had more practice, hence less sensitive to it. Who you perceive to be introvert, actually yearns to be heard, it's just less pronounced because they have alot of practice in being alone. Thanks for reading.

  • Louis C.K. "performed".. what a shot to take at him! lmao!

  • I'm an extreme introvert. Test me all you want.

  • I definatly Was very introverted and changed into somewhere in the middle or even a bit extroverted. It has a lot todo with what you aspect to happen.

  • I definatly Was very introverted and changed into somewhere in the middle or even a bit extroverted. It has a lot todo with what you aspect to happen.

  • I have always wondered what am I. Im shy when it comes to socialize, however when people gain my trust I feel more comfortable around them. Also I don't let my shyness to affect me in a negative way, for example we need to participate in class so we can gain points, I feel anxious but I do it anyway since I know is beneficial for me.

  • *Why is this discrimination with Ambiverts?* *3. Can't tell*

  • As a 12 year old 'introvert' i struggle to socialize with new friends and get very lonely. Even with my family, i get awkward with them. At the end of the day, i am very happy sitting there on social media before repeating the process.

  • this is 800 % accurate to me

  • disagree that introverts experience less and have less fun. they Just dont talk about it so much. and also they might not have that much fun in social experience but more from other Things.

  • I can recommend a video from exurb1a about this topic. It is very funny

  • YAY I’m not an introvert

  • introverts just like spending more time with themselves, while extroverts like spending time with others. But don't confuse them, an introvert can be extroverted hehe..

  • I have to say it, these videos are visually awesome, the graphical side or what ever you call it is simple, rather original and funny.

  • "Are you an Introvert or an Extravert?" I'm a carnivore.

  • finally someone spitting facts

  • so suddenly everyone is an introvert huh

  • So glad you spelt extravert! Extrovert is mistake that has been made mainstream.

  • Im a turtle.

  • Im an introvert, but not by choice

  • Oi

  • I have three friends, and a handful of acquaintances.

  • Not sure if it’s a mistake or casually throwing shade at extroverts for being extra

  • I am introverted around human beings and extroverted around other species.

  • Unfortunately there are people in our society

  • Extroverts actually ask their crush out Introverts think about doing it, but don't

  • I'm public introvert. That's what all of you who think that your introvert really are.

  • Okay that's cool and all but what about a liluzivert?

  • God I hate this video. I hate it because it's accurate in a lot of the details it gives, BUT soooooo close on the conclusion. It's infuriating watching something get done 99% correctly, but still wrong. (Thank you for not saying that stupid battery analogy!) For all you people here's a simple definition for ya. Introverts- see the world as "how does what's around me relate to me?" Extroverts- see the world as "how can I actively relate to what's around me?" The difference is how one perceives information. This means someone who is 49% introvert 51% extrovert (don't trust a test for something this close...) would behave very differently from someone 51% introvert and 49% extrovert. It would also be impossible to be 50/50 If people can change type, that's a very interesting question. Vast majority of people will never change from introvert to extrovert and vice versa. However for the few humans who will change at some point in their life, I can promise you there will be a lot of other changes you'll experience besides the intro/extroversion switch.

  • And here I am, watching this at 3 am just sitting alone in the dark

  • 2:46 Don't we all?

  • I just realised that this has nothing to do with being extra

  • (Not my account) im an introvert by most definitions

  • Dinner and a movie is a great date but do the movie first, that way you have something to talk about over dinner as an icebreaker

  • I'm fucking introvert, I am uncomfortable around people and I have literaly no social skills but because I have ADHD I constantly do shit, so everyone thinks I'm an extrovert.

  • I wish i could spent the entire time with atleast one person, can be a diffrent person everyday or the same for years. So i believe i am 100% extraverted

  • 1:08 surprised me lol. I'm not one to laugh out loud when I find a joke funny but that was gold

  • Im a poor introvert

  • Fun fact: Nobody cares if you're intoverted, average, or extraverted. :D

  • I'm extroverted around my friends but extremely awkward when I'm not with them

  • Me with friends making a plan for a party: can't wait Me on the party day: I think my temperature rised up...i'm just gonna stay at home

  • I know a lot of people I consider friends, however I prefer working alone and hanging out with a single friend

  • Ok, but why am I so cold

  • Are gamers introverts or extroverts cause they stay at home playing games all day

    • It depends lol

  • I'm an introvert, unless my brain decides to suddenly not be completely randomly.

  • An “ambiverted” person would be an individual that goes from one extreme (or close to) to the other situationally. It’s a highly inconsistent pattern of behavior.

  • I look at social interaction like exercise. I love it, it's a healthy way to spend my time, but man am I relieved when it's over.

  • Oh hey, my AP stats class became useful Take that, calculus

  • Introvert when sober, extrovert when drunk

  • I like going out but I feel out of place if I’ve not drank or smoked

  • I agree with the fact that most people are a mix. Personally I am an extrovert because I like talking with random people and getting validation for ideas I have. However I'm also the type to be fully fine binging 10 hours of EEclone while playing a game. The part that makes me consider myself more extroverted as that I start to break down if I haven't talked to anyone for a few days. It's a case where because I don't have a reference to validate the reality of things I will end up feeling dissociated. Essentially things aren't real for me unless I can bounce it off of someone else. Even if the person disagrees with me, that social interaction is enough to ground me. I'm sure this is really not close to the norm because it honestly feels like a mental disorder than anything else. Like my morning wake up routine before working involves playing a EEclone video because the act of hearing another human speak acclimates me to reality. I think it has a lot to do with how often in dreams I will dream about waking up and doing a morning routine, or going to work etc. So by doing something which reinforces that I am in fact conscious calms that. Yeah I'd have to say that's the biggest thing is my dreams feeling too real, it's part of why I liked weed so much. Toke before bed, pass out, and wake up having not dreamed at all. For me that is the best sleep, not dreaming at all. Then I don't have to reorient myself. Good thing this video is old and has so many comments, because now barely anyone will get to see how much of a unstable mess I am.

  • In the thumbnail i thought he was holding the canadian tire logo lol

  • I am an Introvert acting like an extrovert over PC

  • you've got matches, woww. congrats

  • I used to be extrovert when I was kid and it was just about going out and playing some sports, I had a lot of friends that time. but these days most people are involved more in things like drinking, drugs, sexual affairs and I really just want to have fun not including those which is hard these days. I am afraid of falling into those things so I avoided it and that slowly transitioned me into introvert.

  • Why in the thumbnail is a sith lord and a extrovert?

  • i can switch between both

  • Lol

  • After he finished the date story at the end, if you said "omg I'm so sorry my guy ul get the next one" ur an extrovert.

  • PSA: Introvert: Energized by being alone. Extrovert: Energized by being with others. Intorverts aren't edgy, and extroverts can still be socially akward. You can love being around others but still get tired around them, and you can be socially akward but still energized by being with others.

  • Ambiverts: *well yes but actually no*

  • I'm def introverted around strangers but can be more extraverted around friends I'm comfortable and close with. Most awkward thing is friends of friends. See friends of friends introversion activates, se friend wants to be more social

  • I think I'm perverted extrovert.

  • Being an introvert in such times now is a huge W, really.

  • In 2020, there are no extroverts, we're all introverts.

  • I have lots of acquaintances. Because I have no friends.

  • Government: We will be shutting down schools due to Covid-19 Extroverts: **cries** Introverts: **sounds of joy**

  • /rwoosh for everyone not getting the louis ck joke: "he's performed in front of a dozen women"

  • Hey, isn't having 265 friends Extroverted ?

  • *Now we're all introverts*

  • I’m not an introvert or extrovert, I’m a lil uzi vert